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March Issue of Sustainable City News/New Colonist

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  • Richard Risemberg
    The March issue of Sustainable City News, the publication formerly known as The New colonist, is online and available now at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      The March issue of Sustainable City News, the publication formerly
      known as The New colonist, is online and available now at:


      Included in this issue are the following articles:

      New Horizons, New Dangers for "Safe Routes to School"

      Since its inception as a pilot project in Marin County in 1994, the
      Safe Routes to School program has grown into a national phenomenon.
      What seems at first to be a single-issue program instead has proven
      itself to be one of the strongest and most broadly-accepted
      mechanisms for introducing elements of sustainability to communities
      throughout the country. However, at the same time that Safe Routes to
      School is reaching towards new heights, it is also being threatened
      at its very core.

      Dreamworld: Oil, the GOP, and the Housing Crash

      Early last month, GOP Presidential candidate and current darling of
      the right Rick Santorum swaggered into the realm of economics when he
      blamed the Great Recession on nothing more than high oil prices.
      (Perhaps this was an effort to pander to the "drill-baby-drill"
      constituency, or the "bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" fanatics, or some
      other tinfoil-hat demographic.) Quoth he.... [Features J. H. Crawford
      of Carfree Cities.)

      Crystal Bridges: Wal-Mart's Lesson to Itself

      If you haven't heard of the Crystal Bridges Museum, it's a world-
      class collection of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas--the
      hometown of Wal-Mart. In fact, it was assembled by Wal-Mart fortune
      Heir Alice Walton. The collection is housed in a landmark building by
      Boston-based Moshe Safdie, and is a work of art in itself....

      Pugs in the City: an Interview with Linda Lombardi

      To learn about urban dogs and their people, I turned to Linda
      Lombardi, author, blogger and pug enthusiast, who told me what her
      city has to offer our four-footed furry friends. Lombardi's life is a
      testament to her fascination with animals, beginning with her early
      years, when she played with plastic creatures instead of dolls.

      Plus our blog, services, and twelve years of archived articles.

      Find it all at http://www.sustainablecitynews.com



      Richard Risemberg
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