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February Issue of The New Colonist online now

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  • Richard Risemberg
    The February issue of The New Colonist is online now at: http://www.newcolonist.com This month s featured articles include: Don t Walk Signs in Dallas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2012
      The February issue of The New Colonist is online now at:


      This month's featured articles include:

      "Don't Walk" Signs in Dallas http://newcolonist.com/dontwalksigns.html

      We were eating at a cafe along McKinney Avenue in Dallas. McKinney
      Avenue is a busy street, filled with a large number of sports bars
      and restaurants and also having a streetcar line connecting Downtown
      with Uptown. There's lots of foot traffic and auto traffic. Just then
      traffic started to back up, and then came the sirens. Being the
      curious sort....

      The Learning Garden http://newcolonist.com/learning_garden.html

      It's on an unassuming corner of Venice Boulevard in the far western
      reaches of los Angeles, only a couple of miles from the beach and the
      famous boardwalk. Even the folksy sign announcing "The learnign
      Garden" is painted in rustic hues that almost disappear into the
      shrubbery crowded up behind the fence....

      What Makes a Healthy City? http://newcolonist.com/healthycities.html

      Assessing a city's "health" has nothing to do with the impossibility
      of stuffing an entire metropolis into a primary care physician's
      waiting room. Defining a healthy city is a multi-layered and fluid
      process that involves the contributions of policies and practices to
      the quality of life of the city's inhabitants.

      The Other American Tea Party http://newcolonist.com/teatime.html

      In many American homes, hot tea has long been reserved for people
      with colds. The unspoken idea: healthy people get coffee while those
      under the weather get stuck with the stale chamomile from the far
      reaches of the pantry. In many other countries, tea has long been


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      Check us out--we've been writing about sustainable cities since 1999!


      Richard Risemberg

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