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Fwd: 7 metre wide Cycling Super Highways to transform our health and our cities.

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  • J.H. Crawford
    This is worth a look. Joel Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 19:36:22 -0700 (PDT) ... J.H. Crawford . Carfree Cities
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      This is worth a look.


      Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 19:36:22 -0700 (PDT)
      >From: Rachel Smith <cyclingsuperhighways@...>
      >Subject: 7 metre wide Cycling Super Highways to transform our health and our cities.
      >To: mailbox@...
      >The western world is in the midst of an obesity crisis, coupled with rates of heart disease and diabetes spiralling out of control. Personal, mortgage and government debt are at levels never seen before and day after day we all crawl about our daily lives stuck in time and cost consuming traffic congestion. Our sedentary, stressful and economically unviable lifestyles slowly, but quietly, killing us.
      >British born, Brisbane based transport planner, Rachel Smith has developed a visionary concept for city building and personal travel which could transform our cities and towns, our lifestyles and our health, and revolutionise the way we travel, forever.
      >The vision is a network of Cycling Super Highways; 7.7 metre wide dedicated and separated cycle paths completely separated from parked and moving vehicles and safe enough for everyone to use regardless of age, physical abilities or cycling skills.
      >“The Cycling Super Highways are wider than anything seen before to cater for everyone” explains Rachel “Lycra wearing sports cyclists in training, commuters cycling side by side discussing the day ahead, cycle couriers delivering parcels, young children with stabilisers cycling to school, postmen and doctors doing their daily rounds and seniors cycling for fun to stay fit and healthy”
      >“Existing on and off road cycle paths are just too narrow for a faster moving cyclist to overtake a slower moving cyclist plus most people are too scared to cycle close to traffic or parked cars” added Rachel “Plus cyclists want to have a wide enough space so that they can cycle side by side because it’s a really sociable mode of travel. You don’t want to have to go out cycling as a family and then cycle along in a long crocodile line because the path is 2 metres wide – where’s the funn it that?”
      >“I know we can’t just go out tomorrow digging up roads and knocking down houses to build Cycling Super Highways and likewise we can’t go on living in low-density suburbia dependent on the car for all of our journeys.” Rachel explained “We really have to think seriously about how we plan, build and sustain our towns and cities into the future. Utility, food and fuel costs are rising rapidly, families are struggling to pay their mortgages and the time, money and stress incurred travelling to and from work gets bigger every year. People are in a financial mess. Cycling isn’t going to solve these issues overnight but its free, healthy and whole lot less stressful!”
      >Rachel sees Cycling Super Highway helping to address the issues surrounding rising population and supporting urban land intensification. The cycle highways would be surrounded by higher density mixed use commercial and residential Transit and Bicycle Oriented Developments with adaptable, affordable and climate responsive low-car or car-free housing, to make our towns and cities liveable, sustainable and great places to live, work and play.
      >Rachel was awarded the 2008 AITPM (Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management) Janet Brash Memorial Scholarship and visited 24 cities across the globe, including Bogota, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, to see what cycle infrastructure has revolutionised cities from car dependent to bicycle orientated cities. Rachel also conducted focus groups with Australian women, children and seniors, those groups who typically don’t cycle, and found out that people wanted complete separation from parked and moving cars.
      >Rachel Smith
      >Cycling Super Highways
      >E: cyclingsuperhighways@...
      >T: 0451080345
      >W: http://cyclingsuperhighways.blogspot.com/
      >Facebook: Cyclingsuperhighways
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