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Mumbai Car Free Day - Feb 21st

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  • Eric Britton
    What can I tell you, Seema and friends. On this your first Car Free Day in Mumbai I suppose the most useful thing that I can advise based on my experience is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2010
      What can I tell you, Seema and friends.

      On this your first Car Free Day in Mumbai I suppose the most useful thing
      that I can advise based on my experience is for you and all involved to keep
      your eyes open, wide open, to determine what the real lessons are of your
      first Big Day.

      This may seem self-evident, however I have to say that one of the most
      notable things I have observed in the thousands of car free days that had
      been organized since that fatal day in October 1994 is that (a) the
      organizers more often than not tend to be generally pleased with what they
      have accomplished after their day, but (b) not very neutral and analytic in
      determining what they have done and learned. Hence in all too many cases
      the second car free day more often than not ends up looking like the first
      one, and on and on.

      If you go to http://tinyurl.com/ws-cfds you will be taken to a handful of
      the articles we have published in World Streets on this topic over the last
      year. Then too there is the information that you will find on the World Car
      Free Days site at www.worldcarfreedays.com ("Every day is a great day to
      take a few cars off the street and think about it"). And if I were to
      propose a single piece that summarizes my best counsel, it would be the
      original Thursday piece, www.thursday.worldcarfreedays.com, the subtitle of
      which tells the story I wanted to tell at the time (and since): " A
      Breakthrough Strategy for Reducing Car Dependence in Cities".

      There you have it. I wish that I could be there to join you and who knows
      if we can work out a collection of projects in Mumbai in a couple of other
      nearby cities in time for your car free day run in 2011, we might have a
      look at this together.

      With all good wishes for your much deserved success,


      Eric Britton

      World Streets . <http://www.worldstreets.org/> www.worldstreets.org

      8/10, rue Jospeh Bara . Paris 75006 France

      +331 7550 3788 . <mailto:eric.britton@...>
      eric.britton@... . Skype newmobility

      New Mobility Partnerships . <http://www.partners.newmobility.org>

      9440 Readcrest Drive . Los Angeles, CA 90210

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      From: Seema Tiwari [mailto:seemat29@...]
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      Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] Mumbai Car Free Day - please spread the word

      Hi Eric,

      Inspired by all your work on world car free day and following the lead of
      several cities around the world, esp Bogota and NYC, Mumbai is observing its
      first car free day

      When: Feb 21st, 2010, 8 AM - 10 PM

      Where: Carter Rd, Bandra

      The ' Mumbai Car Free Day' aims to:

      1. Raise awareness for environment and quality of life

      2. Provide citizens with an opportunity to experience the absence of exhaust
      gases, traffic jams, traffic accidents and traffic noise

      3. Lower pollution levels

      4. Encourage healthy living

      5. Promote improvement and use of public transport, cycling and walking

      The event is organized by Khar Bandra Santacruz (KBS) Foundation, a local
      NGO, that has embarked on a mission to motivate people to take up cycling as
      a way of life and improving the environment and quality of life.


      On behalf of Mumbai CFD Team

      Mumbai CFD Facebook page:
      es/Mumbai-Car-Free-Day/248020591215?v=info&ref=ts> &ref=ts

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