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Re: Home Buyers tax Credit Supports Global Warming

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  • mdh6214
    My big hangup on the home buyers tax break is it s a regressive tax break: it s a tax break for people who can afford to buy homes, but not those who can only
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      My big hangup on the home buyers' tax break is it's a regressive tax break: it's a tax break for people who can afford to buy homes, but not those who can only afford to rent.

      I feel this requires us to dump the attitude that twin/row houses are "just for rental investments".

      It would also help if they were better built. New twin/row houses abound around here, but I hope you like being separated from your neighbor by two sheets of drywall. Let's see a return to twin/row houses with masonry separating walls. Joel's first book even mentioned separating houses with bricked-in airspace.

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Richard Risemberg <rickrise@...> wrote:
      > Excellent article forwarded to me by my son Jack. Some quotes:
      > > According to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey, per person
      > > energy use in owner-occupied housing is 39 percent higher than in
      > > rental units. Energy use, per household member, is 49 percent
      > > higher in single-family detached houses than in apartments in
      > > buildings with more than five units. These differences reflect the
      > > strong connection between home size and energy use. The average
      > > four-bedroom house consumes 72 percent more electricity than the
      > > average two-bedroom house.
      > >
      > > Yet the tax code encourages Americans to live in big, energy-
      > > guzzling homes, instead of thrifty apartments
      > >
      > > On average, as density doubles, household gasoline consumption
      > > falls by about 110 gallons per year. When a household moves from
      > > living 2 miles away from a city center to 10 miles away, gasoline
      > > consumption increases by more than 100 gallons annually. Smart
      > > environmentalism should push against tax policies that encourage
      > > more suburban sprawl.
      > >
      > The link:
      > http://tinyurl.com/ybguwk6
      > RR
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