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Re: [carfree_cities] Carfree Bhaktapur/Bhadgaon/Khwopa, Nepal

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  • Christopher Miller
    Interesting observations about the town being car-lite . From what I recall, the online information I saw had the central area (presumably around Durbar
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 25, 2009
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      Interesting observations about the town being "car-lite". From what I
      recall, the online information I saw had the central area (presumably
      around Durbar Square) carfree, with vehicles apparently still allowed
      in outer areas. The photos show many quite narrow streets, which
      obviously would not accommodate most automobiles. (Now, that doesn't
      apply to motorbikes, and the Tata that's been so much in the news
      recently is another likely exception, unfortunately...)

      Are the outer areas mostly carfree too? Do cars or motorbikes invade
      the inner areas?

      It seems to me that most if not all modern age carfree areas so far
      seem to be either central city areas or small, mainly residential
      developments away from downtowns. The only project I am aware of that
      seems to be on any large scale and is actually going ahead is
      Masdar... It certainly is the only one I know of that actually
      integrates all the infrastructure elements proposed in _Carfree
      Cities_, including high speed rail for long distance travel. The main
      flavour of the month seems - especially in many parts of North America
      - to be "walkability", which is really just a baby step away from "no
      mobility except by driving".

      I'm still curious about that building with the astonishing window
      pattern. Any idea what it is, or the story behind the windows (whose
      basic individual design appears on other buildings in the photos I
      have seen)?

      On 25-Mar-09, at 11:39 AM, Debra Efroymson wrote:

      > Hi all. I've been to Bhaktapur and have many photos. It is not
      > carfree but car-lite, the motorbikes are annoying but relatively
      > few, and (as Richard Register can also testify) it has many of the
      > makings of a great small city. In both Kathmandu and Bhaktapur I see
      > very young children moving around independently, a rare sight in
      > many Asian cities.

      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada
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