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World Streets and the Greening of Seville

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  • Eric Britton
    Dear friends and colleagues, A quick update on next week in Seville, together with a thought on how it might be useful for you, I have been invited to spend
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2009
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      Dear friends and colleagues,

      A quick update on next week in Seville, together with a thought on how it
      might be useful for you,

      I have been invited to spend some time in Seville thanks to a kind
      invitation of the organizers of a conference on public bicycle organized by
      the office of the city's mayor together with the Spanish network of cities
      for cycles ( ll Jornadas de la Bicicleta P├║blica de la Red de Ciudades por
      la Bicicleta). You can see the whole story on the conference at

      My participation in the conference will revolve around my providing them a
      brief analytic reminder on how public bikes have managed to get as far as
      they have until now, and then to discuss some of the opportunities (and
      oops-the pitfalls) of planning and implementing such systems. My
      "authority" for being able to do a reasonable job on this is not only a
      result of the projects I have worked with and visited (including my four
      times a day on average adventures with Velib), but also on the extensive
      reports, brainstorming and information sharing we have had under the World
      City Bike forum over the last two years (www.citybike.newmobility.org).

      In parallel with this and the reason for this letter: after some discussion
      with my Spanish colleagues I decided to be a great opportunity to use my
      visit there to lay the base for the first of our World Streets City
      Profiles, reporting on Seville's Transportation Greening Project. In this
      respect I have the good luck that the organizers are helping me arrange
      visits and interviews.

      But now my question to you: Are there one or two things that you might like
      me to try to report to you on in the final World Streets profile?
      Likewise, if you have any sources or references that you think might help me
      do a good job for all our readers and collaborators, now would be a great
      time for me to have them. After all Streets is a true collaborative effort
      and this is one more good example of how that can work.

      A quick word on the next edition of World Streets. If you go to the site --
      www.Worldstreets.org -- you will see in the upper left the interim results
      of a reader poll in which we are asking our visitors to indicate what they
      feel is the appropriate interval for new editions -- and the winner thus far
      is the call for a fresh updated series of entries each week. The plan for
      now therefore is to organize here so that each Monday morning when you get
      in it will be a fresh copy of Streets on your desk. (Actually for now you
      have to check into the site to pick it up, though we will shortly figure out
      how to do this and more convenient manner.)

      So thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions on Seville -- best done by
      any other e-mail to editor@..., and if you do check into
      Streets give a thought to recording your ideas about how often you think
      should appear.

      Saludos cordiales,

      Eric Britton

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