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K6 project in Darmstadt: mobility concept similar to Vauban in Freiburg

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  • heller@worldcarfree.net
    Hi Ron, Ron Wolf wrote: (...) - Perhaps already well known by others here that, in addition to being known for fully passive housing, Darmstadt is also known
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2009
      Hi Ron,

      Ron Wolf wrote:

      - Perhaps already well known by others here that, in addition to being
      known for fully passive housing, Darmstadt is also known for care free
      development. From
      http://www.sustainabilityproductions.com/maison_passive.htm -
      "Darmstadt, in Germany, created an experimental neighbourhood called
      K6 in which car traffic is prohibited"

      Ron, yes, carfree developments usually create *care* free environments :-)

      The mobility concept of K6 is similar to the well-known Vauban area in Freiburg, that means one cannot call it "carfree" along the definition of "carfree": maximum of 0.2 parking space per housing unit, provided for CarSharing, visitors and some special exceptions (positioned at the rim), and no car traffic inside the area (except emergencies and other special cases).

      Details of K6:
      - two big parking garages at the edge of the project area
      - carfree households can sign a special carfree contract, then they are not obliged to buy a parking place. They only have to pay small money for a "reserve space"
      - the streets in the project area "should" have as minimum car traffic as possible. That means in reality, everybody can drive through the streets. I assume, that parking for more than deliveries is prohibited (I need to do more research about)
      - the whole project is still under construction, but a lot of it is already finished. At the moment there are some strugges with the parking garages (not yet finished) and cars parking in the residential streets
      - and, similar to Vauban, they have a new tram (light rail) through the area, and, again similar, the residential street through the area is an "U".

      Here are 2 very informative websites (both only in german, but with some pics and maps):

      - the one from the City of Darmstadt is very detailed, check the start page, there are maps and pics:
      in section "Projekte" are contact data to ALL housing projects !

      - A very big blog from the K6 residents:
      http://leben-in-k6.de/ ("living in K6", btw, the "k" stands for the district "Kranichstein" = "Crane stone")
      here is some information about the parking garages ("Parkpaletten") with comments (for those understanding German):

      in this blog are a few groups like "organisation", "green", but nothing especially fór traffic/transportation.

      From reading in this blog, my first impression is that most residents have a car - but maybe I am wrong. I am planning to contact some K6 people to get some updates, especially I am curious to find out how many households are carfree (signed the carfree contract) in reality !

      Probably I will publish the project in my website then (THANKS Ron, I wasn`t aware before that K6 claims some carfree aspects !):

      ... last number from Vauban was 80% carfree households (in the "carfree" area), this is much more than expected and proofs the concept. Seems Darmstadt took some lessons from Vauban ...

      cheers, Markus

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