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Re: Modelling Cities in 3d with Google Sketchup (Free)

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  • spenniec
    Very intersting! The ability to use procedural methods to generate streets and buildings would certainly save a lot of time. I ll download the software this
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 15, 2009
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      Very intersting!
      The ability to use procedural methods to generate streets and
      buildings would certainly save a lot of time.
      I'll download the software this evening.
      $7000 certainly puts it out of the reach of a community to purchase.
      They have some pretty good press, however it looks like a new product
      and there's nothing like a good showcase of what your product can do
      along with some great publicity which could definitely be generated.
      What are the thoughts on sending them an email asking for an unlimited
      copy for free? They'll want assurances that we aren't going to spread
      it around the internet or benefit from it commercially, purely for it
      to showcase a vision of post car cities.
      If you don't ask, you don't get :-)


      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@...>
      > Spencer said:
      > >I have just started using Sketchup and am a big fan of the software
      > >and Joel's vision of a car free city. My view is that means NO cars.
      > >Pleople walk, wheel, cycle or travel by train.
      > >I would be very interested in starting up a group/community to bring
      > >his vision to 'life' in 3D using Sketchup.
      > >Anyone else interested or knowing of an already similar project then
      > >please post.
      > I've been thinking about this project for more than ten
      > years. Part of the work was done recently by Procedural,
      > a Swiss outfit that released software to construct detailed
      > virtual cities. (The film industry is very interested.)
      > The stuff costs $7000. There's a free 30-day trial. I'm
      > waiting until the decks are clear, so that I can spend
      > every minute of 30 days with it.
      > I want to automate the process, with a page or two of inputs
      > that allow you to specify a whole range of parameters along
      > with the range of random variation for each parameter. Each
      > time you press the button you get a different city, even with
      > the same inputs.
      > Outputs would include 2D and later 3D graphics plus a thorough
      > statistical summary of the result, including resource inputs
      > required to build and operate the city.
      > http://www.procedural.com/
      > http://www.nlynch.com/pages/47/procedural_city_builder/
      > http://www.3daet.com/pages/805/l-system_city/
      > So, yeah, consider me interested.
      > Best,
      > Joel
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      > J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
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