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Re: [carfree_network] Re: US: billions of dollars for auto industry?

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  • Justin Hyatt
    Hello all, Thanks Jym for the petition you sent. I just found a different petition specifically against the auto industry bail-out. Take a look here and sign
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2008
      Hello all,

      Thanks Jym for the petition you sent. I just found a different petition
      specifically against the auto industry bail-out. Take a look here and sign
      (and you can leave your own comments there too)


      This was after I found a general no-bail out on the avaaz website, which
      usually has lots of good petitions. In fact, I even wrote them and asked if
      they could include "no auto bail-out" wording in their petition.


      Jeroen, do you have any idea of pressure regarding this in Europe? I also
      don't fully understand what you wrote below:

      "The Czech Presidency is against subsidies for the car makers... the
      Czech Presidency is saying the EU should just drop the whole cars and
      CO2 regulation."

      So what is the Czech presidency saying? the EU should drop cars AND also
      drop CO2 regulation? And what do you mean by whole cars?


      On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 9:50 PM, Jym Dyer <jym@...> wrote:

      > > Especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is aggressively pursuing
      > > this. Is anyone else following this?
      > =v= A number of us in San Francisco (Pelosi's district) are very
      > disgruntled about it.
      > > Does anyone know of US environmental groups or other pressure
      > > groups that are voicing their opposition to this?
      > =v= So far I haven't seen any enviro group step up to the plate
      > to oppose this auto industry bailout. Credo, however, has just
      > recently set up a web page to email your one's Congressional
      > representative (e.g. Pelosi) to demand support for Harry Waxman
      > rather than a climate change-denier from General Motors, and
      > it suggests not bailing out the auto industry. You can add
      > your own words about not bailing out the auto industry (I did).
      > =v= The URL for this page is below, embedded in a form letter.
      > <_Jym_>
      > =------------8<-------------Cut-Here-------------8<------------=
      > Subject: We need real solutions to fight climate change.
      > Dear Friend,
      > Global climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge of our
      > generation. What we do (or don't do) affects not only our
      > nation, but the world. You might thank that, with a new
      > president poised to take office, we're in a great position to
      > take serious action to address climate change. Unfortunately, a
      > grizzled legislator named John Dingell, known as the
      > "Congressman from General Motors," is standing in our way.
      > The most important pieces of legislation addressing climate
      > change must pass through the House Energy and Commerce
      > Committee. As chair of that committee, Congressman Dingell has
      > exerted his power time and again to kill bills that could roll
      > back global warming. Dingell has lined his campaign war chest
      > with millions of dollars of contributions from electric, oil and
      > coal companies. His wife (and potential successor to his
      > Congressional seat) is a senior executive at General
      > Motors. What's more, until recently, he wouldn't even admit that
      > climate change was a real threat.
      > I just signed a petition calling on my member of Congress to
      > vote for Congressman Henry Waxman (a staunch environmentalist)
      > to replace Dingell as the Energy and Commerce Chair -- I hope
      > you will too.
      > Please have a look and take action.
      > http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/energy_chair/?r_by=1512-713673-5Asfujx
      > Thanks!
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