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Bill McKibben: Invite McCain and Obama to a Party.

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  • Eric Britton
    From: Bill McKibben, 350.org [mailto:organizers@350.org] To: eric.britton@ecoplan.org Subject: Invite McCain and Obama to a Party.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2008
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      From: Bill McKibben, 350.org [mailto:organizers@...]
      To: eric.britton@...
      Subject: Invite McCain and Obama to a Party.

      2BDFknJoQkzyr1Lf> 350.org

      Invite McCain and Obama to the UN Talks

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      The Bush Administration has been dragging its feet on the climate crisis
      for the last 8 years. McCain and Obama can make up for lost time by joining
      the world for the next round of UN Climate talks--but they won't go unless
      we invite them. Add your voice today to get the US back in the game--it
      only takes a few seconds and it could make a huge difference.

      Add Your Voice Now


      Dear Eric,

      I'm not kidding.

      I need you to invite the candidates to a party--more specifically, to "The
      Conference of the Parties." Don't let the name fool you--"The Conference of
      the Parties" isn't all fun and games. It's the huge UN Meeting coming up
      this December in Poland, when the nations of the world come together to work
      on a global deal to control the climate crisis.

      If Obama or McCain, whoever becomes president, goes to this UN meeting and
      commits the US to responsible leadership on climate change, it will be a
      major turning point. It would be the President-elect's first foreign trip
      after the election-even before he's inaugurated-and his presence would send
      a huge jolt of optimism into the meeting.

      But they won't go if no one asks them to--that's where you come in.

      CHJoQkzyr1Lf> Can you send an invitation to Obama and McCain right now?

      It's impossible to escape the sense that the current U.S. election is one of
      the most important in the planet's history. It's vital that you, no matter
      where you live, play a part-especially in reminding the candidates of their
      monumental challenge to restore America's image in the world. The best way
      to do that is to encourage real participation in these UN Climate
      Negotiations--click here to send your invitation right now.

      The United States is the only developed country that has not ratified the
      Kyoto Protocol, the world's first draft of a global climate deal. For the
      last seven years the Bush Administration has tried to block global progress
      on climate change and derail international negotiations from the sidelines.
      The time has come to put that era of obstructionism behind us--the USA must
      get back in the game.


      OHJoQkzyr1Lf> Please send your invitation today.

      Thanks for all you do,

      -Bill McKibben and the
      gy1ginJoQkzyr1Lf> 350.org team: Govind, Jamie, Jeremy, Jon, Judit, Kelly,
      May, Phil, and Will

      P.S. Help us reach outside the choir: Digg
      zHJoQkzyr1Lf> this campaign and help it spread like wildfire!


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