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The US credit crunch and car shopping

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  • Christopher Miller
    http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2008/09/how-wall-street.html How Wall Street s Woes Affect Car Shoppers Unless you have Bill Gates’ credit history — or
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      How Wall Street's Woes Affect Car Shoppers
      Unless you have Bill Gates� credit history � or you are Bill Gates �
      you may have trouble getting a loan to buy a car these days, dealers

      It isn�t the price of gas that�s keeping people from buying cars,
      automakers say, it�s car shoppers� inability to get loans that�s
      making them leave showrooms empty-handed. Dealers confirm that theory
      as well.

      Credit is tight, and banks that are already treading water from
      carrying too many high-risk mortgages are shying away from adding to
      their woes by making auto loans.



      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada

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