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Fw: Car-for-bike swap

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  • Lloyd Wright
    Interesting programme to swap cars for bikes... http://www.enn.com/top_stories/article/37726
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2008
      Interesting programme to swap cars for bikes...


      .enn.com/top_stories/article/37726> CAR-FOR-BIKE SWAP IS BACK

      <http://enn.com/image_for_articles/37726-1.jpg/tiny> Your car guzzles gas
      money, pollutes and isn't too great for the daily workout, so ditch it and
      ride a bike! In fact, turn your car title over to New Belgium Brewing at
      Tour de Fat celebrations this summer and receive a custom New Belgium
      commuter bike. The second annual Car-for-Bike Trade program will take place
      in all 2008 Tour de Fat stops. For volunteer car-swappers willing to forgo
      gas for pedal power and want to show friends and neighbors the benefits of
      living car-free, visit <http://www.followyourfolly.com/pdf/biketrade.pdf>

      Through the program, one volunteer in each Tour de Fat stop will commit to
      live car-free for one full year. The dedicated individual will sign over
      their car title and receive a custom New Belgium commuter bike in exchange.
      The selected candidate will chronicle the trials and triumphs along their
      car-free journey. The volunteer is chosen after submitting a video or essay
      describing their desire to live without a vehicle.

      As part of the Car-for-Bike Trade Program, each Tour de Fat stop will have a
      funeral for the departed car complete with a Mardi Gras-esque funeral
      procession. This funeral will be followed, later in the day, by a
      celebration of the arrival of the Car-for-Bike volunteer's custom commuter

      Tour de Fat, New Belgium Brewing's traveling celebration of all things
      bicycle, <http://www.enn.com/top_stories/article/37726#> travels the
      country spreading the good word about the myriad benefits of cycling and
      celebrating mankind's greatest invention"| the bike. Over the last eight
      years, Tour de Fat has captured the imagination of thousands with
      record-setting parades, eye-popping entertainment, death-defying contests of
      bicycle skill and precision, and, of course, New Belgium beer.

      Tour de Fat 2008 will cycle through each of the following cities.

      June 21: <http://www.enn.com/top_stories/article/37726#>
      Chicago, IL

      July 19: <http://www.enn.com/top_stories/article/37726#> San
      Francisco, CA

      July 26: Truckee, CA

      Aug. 2: Seattle, WA

      Aug. 16: Portland, OR

      Aug. 23: Boise, ID

      Sept. 6: New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins, CO)

      Sept. 13: Denver, CO

      Sept. 20: Durango, CO

      Oct. 11: Tempe, AZ

      Oct. 18: Austin, TX

      For more information and to see a video montage of previous Tour de Fat
      stops, please visit http://www.followyourfolly.com/folly_tour_de_fat.html .

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