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NYC program for creating public plazas

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  • Christopher Miller
    Via the CoolTowns blog, the New York program for creating public plazas can be found here: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/sidewalks/publicplaza.shtml#plazas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2008
      Via the CoolTowns blog, the New York program for creating public
      plazas can be found here:


      Pedestrians & Sidewalks
      Public Plazas

      Information Session #2: Wednesday, July 23rd, from 4:00-5:30pm
      SBS, 110 William St, 7th FL, Board Room.
      See below to RSVP


      Download application
      NYC Plaza Program || Creating Plazas || Priorities || Apply || FAQs

      NYC DOT presents the NYC Plaza Program. Through this new initiative,
      NYC DOT will work with community partners to create neighborhood
      plazas throughout the City. We will do this by transforming underused
      streets into vibrant, social public spaces. This program is a key part
      of the City's effort to ensure that all New Yorkers live within a 10-
      minute walk of quality open space. The NYC Plaza Program will re-
      invent New York City's public realm. In NYC, the public right of way
      comprises 64 square miles of land-that is enough space to fit about 50
      Central Parks. The NYC Plaza Program will re-claim streets at
      appropriate locations to make new plazas.
      Sites will be selected based on community initiative and need.
      Eligible community groups can propose new plaza sites for their
      neighborhoods through a competitive application process. The City will
      prioritize sites that are in neighborhoods that lack open space, and
      will look to partner with community groups that commit to manage these

      Partnerships will be essential to the Plaza Program. In collaboration
      with the Department of Small Business Services (SBS), NYC DOT will
      work with appropriate community-based organizations to establish long-
      term, formal partnerships for each plaza. These Management Partners
      (Partners) will eventually take on daily operation and management of
      the permanent public plazas, once they are built.

      The NYC Plaza Program is open to all nonprofit organizations in any
      area of the City.
      Applicants must be:

      � Nonprofit organizations operating in any of the five boroughs of
      New York City;
      � Incorporated in New York State and compliant with annual State and
      Federal filing requirements for nonprofit organizations;
      � Certified tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code Section
      501(c)(3); and
      � Located near the geographical target area of the proposed plaza
      � Design & Construction. NYC DOT will fund the design and
      construction of the plaza. Design will strive to create
      environmentally friendly public plazas that are appropriate to
      neighborhood context. Possible amenities may include tables and
      seating, trees and plants, lighting, public art, water features, and
      drinking fountains. To reduce liability, materials with low
      maintenance requirements will be prioritized.
      � Capacity Building Support. In collaboration with SBS, NYC DOT has
      developed an arrangement that will provide eligible Partners up to
      $50,000 per year for a period of three (3) years. Funds will support
      personnel and training to help the Partners develop outreach
      campaigns, surveys, public workshops, programming and long-term
      funding plans, concessionary agreements, and organization development.
      � Monitoring. NYC DOT will monitor the plazas.

      Organizations will be responsible for the following:
      � Outreach. Outreach to the public to gather relevant data and to
      ensure active participation in public visioning workshops.
      � Design. Partners will be expected to participate in regular design
      meetings with NYC DOT and professional designers to design plazas that
      are appropriate to the neighborhood context.
      � Maintenance. Before construction is complete, the Partner will
      enter a maintenance agreement with NYC DOT. The specific maintenance
      services to be provided will be outlined in the maintenance agreement.
      Maintenance may include daily sweeping and bagging of rubbish,
      watering of plants, removal of stickers and graffiti from street
      furniture and property, shoveling snow from pathways, etc.
      � Programming & Events. To make the plazas vibrant centers of
      activity and neighborhood destinations, the Partner will be
      responsible for programming regular activities and events at the site,
      which may include food or craft markets, temporary public art
      installations or exhibits, music events, and so forth. Partners may be
      eligible to run a small concession on the site as well.
      � Liability & Insurance. In addition to keeping the site clean, safe,
      and in good repair, the Partner will also be required to maintain
      insurance on the plaza, as outlined in the maintenance agreement.
      � Partners will develop a sustainability plan that will outline the
      long-term maintenance and operations plan.
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      Creating Plazas
      Whether we are driving, taking the bus, bicycling or riding the
      subway, each of our trips begins and ends with a walk as a pedestrian.
      To make walking the most enjoyable choice, NYC DOT will reclaim
      portions of streets in appropriate locations to share the public right
      of way more equitably. These improvements will provide more space for
      pedestrians by creating attractive destinations that allow for
      convenient walking and for places to sit, rest, or to simply watch the
      world go by.
      In addition to creating new public spaces, the NYC Plaza Program will
      strengthen the capacity of local organizations to help them become
      long-term plaza partners. To do this we are partnering with community-
      based organizations and the NYC Department of Small Business Services
      (SBS), which will provide eligible partners with capacity building

      Through public visioning workshops, NYC DOT and partners will develop
      a conceptual design that will be appropriate to the lifestyle and
      individuality of the neighborhood. A professional team of landscape
      architects will then base their plans on the conceptual design.
      Partners will be involved throughout the design process. Together, we
      will design them to be safe, attractive, comfortable and social public
      spaces. Once plazas are built, Partners will be responsible for
      regular maintenance, management, and programming of the plazas so they
      remain not only clean, safe, and attractive but also successful,
      active and well-used public spaces.

      For round one of the NYC Plaza Program, NYC DOT will fund up to eight
      (8) projects.

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      Over the last five years, the City has added more than 400 acres of
      new parkland, much of it by revitalizing stretches of waterfront
      property that were abandoned by industry decades ago. Yet because of
      our population density, the city has fewer acres of green space per
      person than almost any other major American city. As the city's
      population continues to grow, and as competition from housing, office
      space, and other uses intensifies, demands on our parks and open space
      will increase.
      The benchmark that represents an area well served by park space in New
      York City is 2.5 acres per thousand people. For playgrounds it is
      1,250 children per playground Nevertheless, many New Yorkers live in
      neighborhoods that have an open space ratio of less than 1.5 acres per
      thousand. For example, residents in East Flatbush have access to a
      total of 4.8 acres of open space, or 0.09 acres per thousand people;
      and the neighborhood's 12,000 children share only three playgrounds.
      More than half the population of East Flatbush lives farther than a
      quarter-mile from publicly available open space.

      The NYC Plaza Program is prioritizing new plazas in communities that
      lack sufficient open space.


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      Please read the guidelines before applying. To download the NYC Plaza
      Program guidelines or application, click on the following links:




      Application Supplemental Information: As an appendix to the
      application, please use this template to provide a list of the
      organization�s employees and Board of Directors, as outlined in the
      application (section: Existing Organization Capacity)


      Employee/Board Info

      In order to save the application to your computer, you must have
      access to Adobe Acrobat. Otherwise, use Adobe Reader, which does not
      allow the document to be saved. To obtain the free Adobe Reader
      software, visit Adobe athttp://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

      Any organization interested in applying to the Plaza Program must
      submit an application to NYC DOT. DEADLINE: All proposals must be
      received BY EMAIL ONLY to plazas@... by 6 p.m. no later than
      Tuesday, August 19, 2008. Fax or post mail submissions will not be
      accepted. Applicants are encouraged to contact NYC DOT with any
      questions well in advance of the deadline. To make the Public Plaza
      program a success we need your help.

      � Tell others about the program Download the postcard
      � Contact Us at plazas@...
      To learn more about the NYC Plaza Program and to have your questions
      answered, come to an information session.
      Information Session #1: Wednesday, July 16th, from 9:30-10:45am at NYC
      DOT, 40 Worth St, Rm 814, NY, NY 10013.
      Information Session #2: Wednesday, July 23rd, from 4:00-5:30pm at SBS,
      110 William St, 7th FL, Board Room.

      To RSVP for either info session or for other NYC Plaza Program-related
      questions, you may contact Vaidila Kungys by email at
      plazas@... or phone (212) 442-7154.

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      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada

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