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BikeCity in Vienna // Re: [carfree_cities] Re:Bicycle City Link

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  • Markus Heller
    I wonder if they know the existing small BikeCity in Vienna ? They don`t mention it on their website. The term City is too big for what is build in Vienna
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2008
      I wonder if they know the existing small "BikeCity" in Vienna ?
      They don`t mention it on their website.

      The term "City" is too big for what is build in Vienna - only one building -
      but they have experience with the demand / marketing: There were 5,400
      registrations for 99 flats, says the initiator, Christoph Chorherr, in his
      blog ...
      http://chorherr.twoday.net/stories/4417870/ (in German, Nov 2007)
      He explains there:
      - Due to this success there is a plan for a 2nd bike city, called "swim &
      bike" (because it has a pool on the roof)
      - the parking places for cars (usually in Vienna it is 1:1) are reduced to
      about 0.5 : 1.0)
      - the saved money (from this less car parking) is invested into better
      housing and bike infrastructure
      - the investor for both projects is GESIBA

      Unfortunately, Chorherr avoids the term "carfree", but nevertheless he is
      successful in Vienna ... he is also the initiator of the carfree project
      "Nordmanngasse" in Vienna-Floridsdorf.

      Chorherr should be invited into the AB of bicyclecity.com.

      More links to the Vienna BikeCity (all in German):
      - https://www.gesiba.at/cgi-bin/wohnbau2.pl?id=32
      Investor`s page, with picture

      - http://derstandard.at/?url=/?id=3294141
      This press article (April 8, 2008) says, for the 2nd BikeCity are 4,000
      registrations for 161 housing units. In July it should be finished. There
      are only 49 car parkings for these 161 units. (= less than 0.3, so still
      "car-reduced", but close to "carfree" according to our definition). More
      projects like this are possible, says Vienna`s "Building Minister".

      - another article from the same newspaper (Sep 19, 2007, they removed it
      from the web) said, that in the 1st BikeCity they provide 296 bike parkings
      (for 99 units). Also they will offer CarSharing, bike work shop (for
      self-helper?) and so on

      - http://www.wien.gv.at/mdb/gr/2005/gr-052-w-2005-01-27-041.htm
      Chorherr explains the idea of BikeCity in this protocol of the city
      parliament (Jan 2005)
      (continue on next pages)

      cheers from Berlin

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      From: Gus Yates
      To: carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 8:30 AM
      Subject: [carfree_cities] Re:Bicycle City Link

      I visited the Bicycle City booth at the International Ecocities
      Conference in San Francisco at the end of April (where incidentally,
      I gave a presentation on carfree cities). The "let's build it" tone
      of the Bicycle City website sounds a lot like the material on our
      CarFree City, USA website, but with a specific focus on building a
      bicycle-focused community rather than a more generally carfree
      community. Unlike CarFree City, USA, however, BC clearly has a
      significant source of funding. I inquired about that and learned that
      the founder had just sold a business and was bankrolling the effort.
      Based on my chat at the booth, I recently received an e-mail inviting
      me to become an "advisor" to BC, which I might do. From what I can
      tell, they are implementing a broad geographic search for prospective
      sites to build their first community.

      Because a "bicycle city" would also be a carfree city, I support
      their efforts. I think urban design that emphasizes proximity and
      optimizes pedestrian and public transportation options in addition to
      cycling is a more robust strategy. But bikes are great, and I hope
      they succeed.

      Gus Yates

      Gus Yates, President
      CarFree City, USA
      P.O. Box 2841
      Berkeley, CA 94702
      Tel/Fax: 510-849-4412

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      From: Richard Risemberg
      To: carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com ; urban-ecology@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2008 6:09 PM
      Subject: [carfree_cities] Bicycle City Link

      Interesting link that showed up in the Google stack on Bicycle Fixation:


      Sounds like they're trying to fund and build a greenfields carfree-
      city site. Anyone here been in touch with them? Know anything?
      Sounds like they're working to put it on the ground.

      Or is it just slick hype?

      Richard Risemberg

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