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Register now! Towards Carfree Cities conference -- and free public day

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  • Randall Ghent
    Sorry for the forwarded message, but this is very relevant to the carfree_cities list... ... From: Eleanor Blue Date: Mon, May 12,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2008
      Sorry for the forwarded message, but this is very relevant to the
      carfree_cities list...

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      From: Eleanor Blue <eleanor.blue@...>
      Date: Mon, May 12, 2008 at 8:44 PM
      Subject: [carfree_network] Register now! Towards Carfree Cities conference
      -- and free public day

      Dear all,

      Please help spread the word!


      You are invited to attend Towards Carfree Cities
      an international conference being held from June 16th to 20th, 2008 in
      Portland, Oregon, USA. This year is the conference's first in North America;
      Brussels will be the host in 2009.

      Our theme this year is Rethinking Mobility, Rediscovering Proximity. The
      week offers a great chance to learn about the many facets of the emerging
      global carfree movement, meet people from all over the world who are at the
      cutting edge of sustainable transportation and livability efforts, and
      inform and inspire your own work to move your city or yourself away from
      automobile dependence.

      To attend, please register now at carfreeportland.org/register. Registration
      fees are available on a sliding scale, and include a one-day rate. Contact
      portland@... to ask about registration discounts.

      Tuesday, June 17th is the conference's Public Day, which is open to the
      public and features a marketplace/expo, workshops on carfree family living,
      a session on Portland's historic battle against the Mount Hood Freeway, and
      our keynote speaker, Gil
      Register for Public Day at
      Donations are encouraged, but nobody will be turned away.

      Volunteers are still needed, before and during the conference. We still have
      some opportunities for people to volunteer in exchange for admission. Email
      Tim at volunteer@... to find out more.

      Conference attendees will:
      - Learn from an exciting lineup of speakers and workshops (
      - Enjoy international carfree-themed mail art in City Hall and its parking
      - Watch carfree-themed movies during the film night
      - Swing your partner to old-time square dance music, in the street, of
      - Help depave <http://depave.org> a parking lot and turn it into a community
      green space

      Other exciting events occuring before, during, and after the conference
      - June 12- 28 - Pedalpalooza <http://pedalpalooza.org>, Portland's annual
      festival of 2+ weeks of bike fun
      - June 22 - Sunday
      Portland's first-ever ciclovia style street closure
      - June 28 - Multnomah County Bike Fair, the culmination of all things bikey

      Any questions? Don't hestitate to contact us at portland@....

      Elly Blue
      Conference Coordinator

      The Towards Carfree Cities conference series brings together people from
      around the world who work to promote practical alternatives to car
      dependence. The conference attracts professionals, advocates, and community
      leaders who focus on the creation of sustainable transportation systems and
      on the transformation of cities, towns, and villages into human-scaled
      environments rich in public space and community life.

      The fundamental role of the conference is to share knowledge and assist the
      practical work of conference participants, whether it be organizing
      community events, promoting urban cycling, or building the carfree cities of
      the future.

      The conference is hosted by Shift <http://www.shift2bikes.org>, the World
      Carfree Network <http://worldcarfree.net>, Portland State
      The City of Portland <http://gettingaroundportland.org>, and Carfree City,
      USA <http://carfreecity.us>.

      Randall Ghent
      Conference Coordinator
      home address: 20 Gale Lane
      Acomb, York YO24 3BB, U.K.
      tel: +(44) 1904 796860
      skype: randallghent

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