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Carfree in Dallas, TX

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  • Patrick Kennedy
    Say it isn t so... As an urban designer of the opinion that a city is not yet healthy until one can live in it any way they choose (including sans auto), I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2008
      Say it isn't so...

      As an urban designer of the opinion that a city is not yet healthy until
      one can live in it any way they choose (including sans auto), I've
      decided to conduct a personal experiment to see if it's possible yet to
      live in Dallas, Texas, one of the most sprawling and auto-oriented
      cities in the country (world?), car-free. As a matter of semantics,
      Texans would probably consider it "car-less," but I feel too liberated
      to attach a pejorative connotation.

      I moved from the Northeast to the Sunbelt for just the opportunity to
      help mold "throw-away" cities into something more lasting and
      sustainable. My company moved into the base of a 1950s tower that was
      going to be converted into a parking garage to show their commitment to
      downtown. So now it's my personal turn. I no longer have a car and
      moved into a loft in downtown, which has come quite a long way since I
      first moved here a little over five and a half years ago. I have a
      grocery store in the ground floor of my building, work is a four-block
      walk, and I have the DART light rail, TRE commuter rail, and the MATA
      trolley all within a few blocks as well.

      A british professor recommended I blog about my experiences except for
      someone of the computer generation I'm remarkably not the most computer
      savvy. Does anybody have any recommendations about starting a blog? I
      have checked out some of the free blog sites, but the graphics seem a
      bit clunky and I'd like to drive the graphical content, as I consider
      the graphics to be as pertinent as the commentary.

      Patrick.J.Kennedy, AICP CNU| Associate - Urban Design & Planning |

      RTKL Associates Inc. | 1717 Pacific Avenue | Dallas, TX 75201

      214.468.7679 Direct | 214.871.8877 Fax | www.rtkl.com
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