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  • Jason Meggs
    You might be entertained by this bicycle action (and my extensive trolley comment):
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2008
      You might be entertained by this bicycle action (and
      my extensive trolley comment):


      I'm planning to speak about trolley buses and related vehicles at the
      World Ecocity Conference later this month:


      and look forward to seeing you in Portland for the TCFC.


      On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Jason Meggs wrote:

      > Hi Richard,
      > You might remember me from the Towards Carfree
      > Cities Conference VI in Bogota. I was hot on the
      > trolleybuses issue. I went on to do a term paper
      > on the idea. Wonder if you've come across any
      > more info or could recommend resources as I am
      > still excited about them. Notice you've got a
      > book coming out regarding post petroleum
      > transport: bravo!!! I'm most interested to see
      > it.
      > I'm also writing because a professor I work with
      > here at Berkeley, Michael Jerrett, of Toronto but
      > recently relocated here to the School of Public
      > Health, just heard about a Professor McMichael(s)
      > (?) in the Sociology Department at U. Toronto, who
      > reportedly studies pedestrians and travel budgets
      > for walking at different times of the day, etc.
      > However, I've searched a number of ways in a
      > number of places and don't find anything of the
      > sort under any name. By any chance do you know
      > who this might refer to?
      > As for me, I'm in my last of three years in a dual
      > masters, City Planning and Public Health, with an
      > emphasis on transport. I've sounded the alarm for
      > awareness of Peak Oil since early 2003, getting
      > the topic in the media, etc., and have tried to
      > create my own internship in the past to do energy
      > shortfall contingency planning, and certainly I've
      > worked the issue into my coursework research at
      > times. Am open to any suggestions as to where
      > best to put my energies.
      > Hope things are good,
      > Jason
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      > Jason N. Meggs
      > University of California, Berkeley
      > School of Public Health
      > Division of Environmental Health Sciences
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