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www.mapchannels.com - Introducing Dual Maps

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  • Colin Leath
    Some of you may find this useful--I d never seen the bird s eye view of cities before--peace, Colin http://www.mapchannels.com/dualmaps.aspx I ve been using a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2008
      Some of you may find this useful--I'd never seen the bird's eye view of
      cities before--peace, Colin

      I've been using a mapchannels map at

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      Date: 16 Mar 2008 15:33:08 +0000
      Subject: www.mapchannels.com - Introducing Dual Maps
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      Dear Cleath,

      A new feature has been added to www.mapchannels.com this week. Dual Maps
      are aimed at people wanting to map single locations and provide alternate
      views of the same location.

      Dual Maps (http://www.mapchannels.com/dualmaps.aspx) combine Google maps,
      Microsoft Virtual Earth and the new Google Maps Streetview feature (where

      It is now possible to create an embeddable map that includes an aerial map,
      a bird's eye view and a street view of the same location. You can change the
      settings of your Dual Maps without having to re-visit the Map Channels
      website. The service is free and does not require registration.

      Best Regards

      The Map Channels Team

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