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  • J.H. Crawford
    Hi All, We re making progress. See this message (slightly edited) ... For the past couple of years Carfree UK has been struggling to get the concept of carfree
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      Hi All,

      We're making progress. See this message (slightly edited)
      to the WCN list from Carfree UK organizers:


      For the past couple of years Carfree UK has been struggling to get the concept of carfree development taken seriously in the UK. In a few days time, the breakthrough we have been working towards is about to begin.

      We are a small entirely voluntary group, and most of our members are employed full time as researchers, transport planners and the like. In most cases their ability to make time during the week is limited, so we would really like to hear from more people with relevant skills (e.g. in transport planning, spatial planning, housing, marketing, community development) and some available time, who might like to get involved at this really exciting moment.

      Some time this month, the Dept. of Communities & Local Government is going to publish the 'long shortlist' of ecotowns:



      At the same time, they will publish the transport guidance for ecotowns, which will be one of the most radical statements on transport policy ever to come out of a British Government source. Amongst the many surprises for those who were thinking this would be a 'business as usual' programme is a statement that "a substantial proportion of ecotowns should be made up of carfree areas". The three-point definition of �carfree� is essentially that proposed by Carfree UK:


      This, of course, will not be the end of the matter. Our draft "Guide for Developers" is available here:


      There will be a long process involving developers, local (and possibly regional) planning authorities and public consultation. This is where our work will begin. We need more people who would be able and willing to meet with planners and/or potential developers (in different places, according to where people live), to promote this agenda.

      Our website explains who we are, and what we are about. We will obviously help anyone joining at this stage to get 'up to speed'. If you think this might be you, we would like to hear from you. If not, please forward this to anyone who may be willing to help.

      Simon Field on behalf of:

      Steve Melia and the Carfree UK committee.
      Skype: sj.melia

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      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      mailbox@... http://www.carfree.com
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