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Wonderful Blog entry/article about catchment area and walking to school in Japan

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  • Todd Edelman, Green Idea Factory
    From Carfree Tokyo Blog and UK Guardian... Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Catchment Area Once
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      From Carfree Tokyo Blog and UK Guardian...

      "Wednesday, February 13, 2008

      "Catchment Area"

      Once again, I am convinced that the Japanese have nailed what is perhaps
      the best possible solution to a complex social issue. I found this brief
      article in the UK paper the Guardian:


      The author describes how in the old days, school students had to go to
      the nearest school. It reduced choices, but dramatically strengthened
      communities and ensured healthy commuting lifestyles for children.
      However these days, the vast majority of parents in the English speaking
      world drive their kids to school for a variety of reasons - the sprawl
      means bigger distances and less friendly eyes to keep an eye on the
      kids, the lack of community means there are less friendly eyes at all,
      the lack of safe routes to school, the desire to go to a "better" school
      across town, the fact that everyone else also drives which makes it
      dangerous for the kids to walk... in a vicious cycle until we reach
      where we are today with crisis levels of childhood stress, obesity, lack
      of independence and dearth of social skills..."

      Full article: <http://carfreetokyo.blogspot.com/2008/02/catchment-area.html>


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