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a compendium of links

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  • Christopher Miller
    Miscellaneous links to a few carfree-related things I have come across on the web recently (Two more postings to follow, with links from single sites):
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
      Miscellaneous links to a few carfree-related things I have come
      across on the web recently
      (Two more postings to follow, with links from single sites):

      Cloverleaf City
      A variation on carfree city design inspired by Joel's work, which
      envisions a way of moving from a "car-lite" to carfree design over time:

      A comparison of densely linked inner urban streets vs suburban cul-de-
      sac designs with normal and drug-addled spiderwebs, respectively:
      Meadowford Glen Estates vs. nth & Main
      A popular device among anti-drug educators is to show the webs that
      spiders under the influence of various psychoactive substances weave.
      I doubt the spiders notice or care what judgments we make of their
      webs from our god’s-eye view, especially as long as the drugs are

      Similarly, I don’t expect people driving around suburbia to find
      much wit or point in comparing the street patterns characteristic of
      pre- and post-automotive development in the US:

      How many paths are there between two points on the pre-car streets?
      How many in the car maze, and which paths are longest? Why does UPS
      charge more to deliver to residential than to business addresses?
      Will the drugged spider starve before it can sober up and rebuild?

      This entry was posted on Friday, July 7th, 2006 at 3:31 pm and is
      filed under Car-free .

      A short review of a book on the history of automania from the
      Sustainable Style Foundation web log:

      EcoEDGE2 Conference on sustainable cities, in Melbourne, 14-16
      February 2008 (registration by 11 February)
      You basically need to be in Australia to make it on this short notice:

      Bicycle paramedics in London
      (See blog entry on cycling nurses in my other posting of
      Cycleliciousness links)

      Portland courtyard housing competition from Metropolis magazine's web

      Plans for an ecocity on San Francisco Bay's Treasure Island::
      This Way to Treasure Island, Ecocity

      Bike infrastructure, including the Bicing public bike-sharing scheme,
      in Barcelona:

      A Treehugger blog interview on Bicing:





      The Bicing site (Catalan or Castilian):


      A map of the Bicing infrastructure across Barcelona (Notice it is
      concentrated in the lower, flatter parts of town, mainly downtown and
      the rectilinear blocks of the Eixample, not in the more windy hilly
      areas to the northwest, at the top of the map.)

      Article from the Barcelona daily Avui ("Today") about the first
      exclusive bicycle/motorcycle parking garage:



      Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (Barcelona Municipal Services) opens
      the first parking area intended only for bicycles and motorcycles,
      located in the basement of an 5754 square metre side located between
      Gran de Gràcia, Santa Rosa and Trilla streets.

      The parking area itself occupies 1372 m2 on two levels, with 171
      places divided between rented spots and short-term spots. Rental spts
      go for 55 euros per month or 44 with a youth card, and bike spots
      rent out for 13.66 euros. Short-term parking goes for 0.80 euros per

      Worldmapper, a resource with maps comparing different regions of the
      world on various parameters.

      Interesting maps under "Transport":


      From Streetsblog, a clip about the TransMilenio in Bogotá:


      The Treehugger article the link came from, which talks about the
      integration of bike transport with the TransMilenio infrastructure:


      For what it's worth, a site on "Complete Streets", street design not
      only for cars. Not carfree, but a slight crack in the mental edifice
      that sees streets as being only for cars. A millimetre perhaps in the
      right direction, though a lot of this seems rather old hat to me and
      something that itself needs to be improved on...


      Christopher Miller
      Montreal QC Canada

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