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"External costs" in transport: EU Commission prepares the ground for efficient and fair pricing of transport services

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  • Markus Heller
    http://europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=IP/08/54&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en External costs in transport: Commission
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2008

      "External costs" in transport: Commission prepares the ground for efficient
      and fair pricing of transport services

      The European Commission has released a comprehensive compilation of existing
      studies on external costs in the transport sector. This handbook, jointly
      prepared by several transport research institutes, summarises the state of
      the art as regards the valuation of external costs. The Commission intends
      to make use of the handbook as one element which prepares the communication
      on the internalisation of external costs for all modes of transport that is
      due in June 2008 and a proposal to revise the directive on the charging of
      heavy goods vehicles.

      The handbook assembles best practice methods to estimate and monetize the
      external costs generated by transport activities. It concentrates on air
      pollution, noise, climate change, congestion and accidents in road transport
      which constitutes the overwhelming share of transport external costs, but it
      also considers other external costs and other modes of transport. It brings
      together the key parameters to apply these methods as well as examples of
      unit values per travelled distance according to typical traffic situations,
      as for instance air pollution cost of a lorry in an urban area. The handbook
      will help policy makers and other interested parties value external costs
      when developing policy measures for internalisation. It shows that external
      costs depend strongly on parameters like vehicle characteristics (EURO
      standards), location (urban or interurban) and the period of time (peak,
      off-peak and night time).

      The handbook was compiled by a consortium of research institutes from
      different countries and its content commits solely their authors. This
      release is part of the process launched by the Commission to prepare a
      communication on a strategy for the stepwise integration of the external
      costs into the price to be paid for transport services, as requested under
      the directive on the charging for heavy goods vehicles. As part of this
      process, technical workshops were held with industry representatives,
      environmental organisations and scientific experts. The preliminary findings
      of this handbook were subject to a peer review by scientific experts from
      member States.

      In parallel, a broad public consultation was organised by the Commission
      services on possible ways to internalise these external costs. The results
      of this public consultation, which ended in December 2007, will be presented
      and discussed at a High Level stakeholders' conference on 31.1.2008 with the
      participation of Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot.

      Both the handbook and the consultation paper are available at:

      > http://ec.europa.eu/transport/costs/handbook/index_en.htm

      download (4494 Kb)
      Internalisation Measures and Policies for All external Cost of Transport

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