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Bodø in Norway plans Bicycle Tube

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  • Pascal van den Noort
    Bod ø in Norway plans Bicycle Tube The city of Bodø in the County of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 19, 2007
      ml> ø in Norway plans Bicycle Tube

      The city of Bodø in the County of Nordland in northern Norway wants to
      become a bicycle city. NPRA and the municipal of Bodø have suggested
      building in a foot and bicycle path between the College of Higher Education
      and the city centre to make cycling easier and more attractive. Some years
      ago a glass roof was constructed over a part of the main street and the
      experience with the project was so positive, now the inhabitants of Bodø
      gladly look forward to the tube being built. The idea, which was introduced
      by the City Plan Director, Jørn Roar Moe, is to construct a framed structure
      covered with transparent plastic plates. The bicycle tube will have a number
      of roofed openings for access and ventilation. There will also be internal
      illumination. The tube will hold physical separated roads for cyclists and

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