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Re: [carfree_network] Ratification of Kyoto Protocol

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Milan Boric sent this to the WCN list, and I thought it worth passing along. ... J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2007
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      Milan Boric sent this to the WCN list, and I thought it worth
      passing along.

      >Here are some fresh news from Belgrade !.
      >Serbian government has forwarded a proposal to the Parliament
      >for an urgent ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.
      >�The ratification is of immense political, economic, legal and
      >environmental importance for Serbia. It would bring about
      >the increase of the number of foreign investments, affect
      >the employment rate, and enhance the transfer of knowledge
      >and technology in the field of environmental protection,�
      >the government said in a statement.
      >Political aspect of endorsement of the Kyoto Protocol with
      >simultaneous adoption of a series of appropriate by-laws will
      >clearly indicate that Serbia embraced European values
      >pertaining to environment protection.
      >The statement also noted that the Protocol�s Annex B
      >stipulated obligations for the industrially developed states in
      >terms of mandatory emission limitations for the reduction of
      >greenhouse gas emissions, while the developing countries,
      >including Serbia, were not required to do so.
      >The 1997 Kyoto Protocol, seen as an amendment to the
      >legally non-binding 1992 United Nations Framework Convention
      >on Climate Change, sets mandatory limits on greenhouse gas
      >emissions for individual nations.
      >Source: Beta
      >My comment to this report is that if you are able to read
      >between the lines then developing countries like Serbia
      >might be misused for foreign investment in dirty
      >industry projects with no limits on greenhouse gas
      >emissions. International Corporations from developed
      >countries are always counting on corrupted politicians
      >in order to gain the profit where ever it's possible.
      >Best regards.
      >Boric Milan
      >"Yugo Cycling Campaign"

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