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Bay Bridge 6 TENTH Anniversary (fwd)

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  • Jason Meggs
    ... Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 17:56:36 -0400 (EDT) From: Jason Meggs To: Friends of Alternative Transportation c/o
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      Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 17:56:36 -0400 (EDT)
      From: Jason Meggs <jmeggs@...>
      To: Friends of Alternative Transportation c/o <jmeggs@...>
      Subject: Bay Bridge 6 TENTH Anniversary

      Hey all,

      Well, I tried to calm myself but couldn't resist. So now a day later I'm
      asking you to think with cheer upon the gains of yesteryear; wheeling down the
      aisles of bicycle activism history.

      Didja know yesterday was the TENTH anniversary of the Bay Bridge 6 ride?

      Now *that* was an adventure, a high point in a very intense two years of
      campaigning for access to three Bay Area bridges in counter to the severe
      institutional discrimination against bicycling and walking.

      Some pictures:

      How 'bout this one, li'l ol' me as a cultural icon of bicycle defiance?


      A year later, a group tried again, this time with a message a bit too complex
      and important for the media to present to the public. MTC/CT/CHP were ready to
      spin this, claiming the group was blocking traffic when really the CHP created
      a roadblock. The whole affair being protested, of course, dwarfs any one
      morning's traffic abberation like an intergalactic highway through planet earth
      dwarfs someone putting a garden hoe in the way of a field mouse. Ridiculous how
      the public interest and public process is thwarted routinely. For some
      talkback regarding that affair see:


      Click on "bicycle access." (The group should have bicycled to their court dates
      indefinitely until the point was finally made clear.)

      By the way, beware the expansion joints if you ever ride the bridge. Very
      dangerous. Ask me for more info. CalTrans refuses to protect us still, even
      though we gave them a simple product recommendation and have told them over and
      over again. This intransigence appears all the more malicious and sinister
      when you consider the tragic case of Alex Zuckerman:


      But then, CalTrans has been willingly doing things that kill people & preclude
      bicycling and walking for generations...


      Jason Meggs
      East Bay Coordinator
      Bike the Bridge! Coalition
      P.O. Box 15071
      Berkeley, CA 94712-6071


      Phone/Fax: (510) 486-1528
      Mobile: (510) 725-9991

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