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Re: [carfree_cities] Misleading truths

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  • Todd Edelman, Green Idea Factory
    Hi, Here is a website which should get you started on examples of the same sort of thing which Joel saw in the New Yorker insert:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 23, 2007
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      Here is a website which should get you started on examples of the same
      sort of thing which Joel saw in the New Yorker insert:


      My favourite line on that page is:

      "This advanced vehicle puts us one drive closer to a future of
      sustainable transportation" (What does that mean exactly?)

      Of course GM, the parent of Chevy, spends a lot of time and resources on
      Greenwashing with all of its daughter companies ... here is one example:


      - T

      p.s. It is likely that I had family (and friends of family) that went
      through Theresienstadt (Terezin) in Nazi-occupied Bohemia, and Simon's
      analogy does not bother me. In a way it's appropriate also because World
      War II was perhaps more than anything about gaining control of the same
      resources we're having problems with now.

      Simon Baddeley wrote:
      > It¹s been called Œgreen washing¹. Perhaps we need a words with nastier
      > connotations. To be really tasteless how about accusing Chevrolet of
      > making
      > a ŒThierenstatement¹ on the subject of its green credentials ­ to resonate
      > with ŒThierenstadt¹, the model camp set up by the Nazis in Czechoslovakia
      > as a decoy from the true circumstances of the Final Solution (man made
      > climate change). Outside observers (readers of glossy magazines) were
      > allowed to visit the camp, which held concerts and gave other
      > privileges to
      > the prisoners (green washing) many of whom were prominent Jews
      > (celebrities
      > associated with the New Yorker) with international reputations. Prisoners
      > were encouraged to send postcards to the outside world as a way of
      > disseminating Nazi lies about the camp, and in this way tragically
      > played a
      > part in their own destruction.
      > Given that others have suggested that climate change denial carries
      > some of
      > the same moral opprobrium as holocaust denial perhaps I¹m not being as
      > crass
      > as
      > I feel I am. http://www.climatedenial.org/ <http://www.climatedenial.org/>
      > My strong apologies which I will make more personal for causing pain with
      > this frightful analogy.
      > Best
      > Simon
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      > Subject: [carfree_cities] Misleading truths
      > Hi All,
      > This week's New Yorker magazine included a glued-in
      > 16-page green-washing advertisement from Chevrolet,
      > the largest-selling car brand in the USA. There are lots
      > of pretty pictures and not a whole bunch of text. The
      > first text page says, in full, "Five things Chevy is doing
      > right now to help us all do more and use less."
      > Then there's a page on "Better Fuel Efficiency". Chevy is
      > bragging about it's high-efficiency models, some of which
      > get an amazing 30 MPG, which is slightly better than the
      > fleet average... of 25 years ago. For those of you who
      > think in liters per 100 km, 30 MPG is 7.8 l/100km, which
      > is nothing to brag about. (A VW Lupo diesel gets 3/100.)
      > Then there's ethanol, followed by hybrids (somehow, Chevy
      > only manages to get 25% better economy using hybrids),
      > followed by the Chevy Volt, not yet in production, which
      > "will use zero gasoline and produce zero emissions".
      > Then we have fuel cells.
      > The pamphlet closes with "Some things we can all do
      > right now to help the planet." Most of these have nothing
      > to do with driving, like not taking a receipt from the ATM,
      > which is held to save some extraordinary amount of paper.
      > It's related to "recycling" in the USA. Lots of people
      > separate their newspapers and cans and bottles for
      > "recycling" (although quite a lot of it is then just
      > dumped in with the rest of the trash by the waste-
      > haulers). "We recycle," therefore we're being environmentally
      > responsible, even though we drive two hours each way to work.
      > Chevy must have paid a fortune to publish this pamphlet.
      > I don't know how widely they will publish it, but it's
      > symptomatic of the reactions we'll be seeing from car makers
      > as environmental concerns mount.
      > We need to figure out an effective strategy to counter this.
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