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Re: Automobilism breeds insanity....

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  • dawie_coetzee
    Of course that is no solution. The problem with cars becoming less polluting all the time is that that process is inextricably linked to a manufacturing
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2007
      Of course that is no solution.

      The problem with cars "becoming less polluting all the time" is that
      that process is inextricably linked to a manufacturing scenario in
      which the motor industry is too powerful, too productive, and just
      plain too big. We're better off with simpler, cruder, "dirtier" cars,
      if they exist in vastly reduced numbers.

      There is virtually no understanding that "fewness" and "numerousness"
      are design characteristics of products and methods of production. The
      current trend to an apparent increase in efficiency is functionally
      bound to an increase in intrinsic numerousness. In other words, the
      new cars can only exist in large numbers, and only if they are
      consumed and replaced rapidly.

      One of the myriad advantages of the pedestrian city is that (given a
      suitable legislative milieu) it is capable of supporting a far better
      motor industry, that is, one extremely small in scope, politically
      not very powerful, locally-oriented and small-business-based, full of
      creative vibrance, and otherwise not at all important in the scheme
      of things.

      -Dawie Coetzee

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "Todd Edelman, Green Idea
      Factory" <edelman@...> wrote:
      > Speaking of closed roads, the following from 7 June
      > Driven mad -
      > Now here is a novel idea to solve the Netherlands' endless traffic
      > problems - from the boss of the Dutch construction industry lobby
      > build new roads, but don't let anyone drive on them. Elco Brinkman
      > the Financieele Dagblad today that this is the only way to stop the
      > country becoming gridlocked. New road projects are being put on
      > because of worries about air quality - of the 24 new roads, 16
      cannot be
      > given the green light because of pollution fears. But at the same
      > the government has set aside €4bn to fund all the projects and it
      > be a pity to let the cash go to waste. So, he says, why not let the
      > builders build the roads, but refuse to let drivers use them until
      > worries about air quality have been soothed? Cars are becoming less
      > polluting all the time, so once air quality standards can be met
      > roads can be given a `users licence' and opened to traffic. Only a
      > would suggest that the real advantage is that the road builders
      > themselves could continue to earn their fat cheques while all the
      > wrangling over permits and pollution continues. And of course, the
      > of motorists
      > stuck in jams despite all the kilometres of untouched tarmac will
      > to intense lobbying for the new roads to be opened up to cars
      > permit or not.
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