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Fwd: [carfree_network] Istanbul conference update and welcome

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Subject: [carfree_network] Istanbul conference update and welcome Hello everyone, On behalf of World Carfree Network and our hosts, we are happy to invite you
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      Subject: [carfree_network] Istanbul conference update and welcome

      Hello everyone,

      On behalf of World Carfree Network and our hosts, we are happy to invite you to join us in Istanbul for this year's Towards Carfree Cities VII conference, which will be held from August 27-31.

      We also wanted to update you on how things are going with the conference preparation. All the relevant information is at <http://www.worldcarfree.net/conference/>www.worldcarfree.net/conference/ or will be added there in the next couple of weeks. And of course we're awaiting your creative ideas to make the conference as fruitful as possible.

      Here's our report:


      Everything is arranged for using the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University for all of our meetings, activities and for many of our meals. More info on the venue is already on the <http://www.worldcarfree.net/conference/>www.worldcarfree.net/conference/ website. We will be using the auditorium, the planning studio, the waterfront outdoor space and the cafeteria and café. Everything is arranged for the technical side: projectors, screens, etc.


      The Formula 1 Grand Prix car race will be in Istanbul on the weekend of August 25-26. Participants can come early to take part in an action against the race, to be organised by the Young Greens.

      The race will also have the effect of increasing hotel prices for this time, but only for four- and five-star hotels.


      Participants need to book their own accommodation, as in past years. The web page <http://www.worldcarfree.net/conference/accom.php>www.worldcarfree.net/conference/accom.php will be updated in a week or two with various options. People should book as soon as possible. Our suggested budget option is Sultan Hostel (<http://www.sultanhostel.com/>www.sultanhostel.com), which has 110 beds. The three-star suggestion is Sebnem Hotel (<http://www.sebnemhotel.net>www.sebnemhotel.net), with 30 beds. If the Sebnem becomes full, they will help you book in the adjacent hotels of similar price/quality. All of these options are in the Old City (Sultanahmet), a few tram stops from the university.


      As mentioned before and on the conference website, the theme is "Building a Livable Future in a Changing Climate," and this includes political, cultural, spatial and environmental change.

      In our preparation meetings this past week, we've decided that we'd like to invite three keynote speakers as follows:

      1) a representative of the City of Paris (Denis Baupin?), to highlight the the city's various ambitious and innovative projects to reduce car dependence, improve accessibility for all, and increase livability for residents and visitors.

      2) an initiator or coordinator of one of the new carfree developments that have been built in Europe, or someone else who can provide a good overview of existing carfree communities.

      3) an urban planner who is developing a transport master plan for several cities in Turkey to enhance livability, who can also provide a good overview of the changing political climate among decision-makers

      If anyone has any more suggestions for keynote speakers, please send them to <mailto:istanbul@...>istanbul@....


      So far we have several ideas for debates:

      1) complete streets (see <http://www.completestreets.org/>www.completestreets.org for more info) and shared space (see "shared space" entry in Wikipedia) concepts vs. pedestrianisation

      2) mobility vs. proximity (to what extent should we prioritise movement vs. living in urban space allocation)

      3) car culture vs. public space culture (for example, if drivers get free parking space, shouldn't carfree people also get space to do something?)

      4) carbon offsetting (is it really possible to cancel out our climate impact by paying someone to cut emissions elsewhere?)

      5) car-based vs. carfree lifestyle (health and environmental impacts)

      For strategy sessions we have so far four ideas:

      1) organising carfree days

      2) realising carfree developments and supporting policies

      3) combating car advertising (and increasing carfree advertising)

      4) improving the urban living environment (deep aesthetics, etc.)

      Again, if anyone would like to lead or participate in these sessions, or if you have other ideas, please contact <mailto:istanbul@...>istanbul@....


      This week we've finished the general framework for the programme, and will be uploading it to the website (<http://www.worldcarfree.net/conference/programme.php>www.worldcarfree.net/conference/programme.php) within two weeks.

      The deadline for sending in your proposals is April 30, but please send them even if you must miss the deadline. See <http://www.worldcarfree.net/conference/proposals.php>www.worldcarfree.net/conference/proposals.php for details.


      We will make some promotional materials (leaflet, PDF, digital announcement) for the conference. We'd be happy if you could reprint or distribute this to your organisations' members or other contacts. The more that people hear about the conference, the better. You can also simply use the info that's already on the website, or refer people there.


      If you would like to travel by train with other conference participants, please use the carfree_network list to state your preferred travel dates/locations to connect with others travelling the same route.

      Looking forward to seeing you all in August,
      Randy and Kevser, in Istanbul

      Randall Ghent
      Membership & Conference Coordinator
      Kratka 26, 100 00 Prague 10
      Czech Republic
      tel/fax: +(420) 274 810 849
      skype: wcn-icc / randallghent

      ----- ### -----
      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      mailbox@... http://www.carfree.com
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