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Re: [carfree_cities] "New York may ban iPods while crossing street"

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  • Todd Edelman
    ... I WOULD imagine that using headphones while cycling is illegal in Chicago, but of course using a Bluetooth etc device in one ear while driving is not...
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 10, 2007
      Robert J. Matter wrote:
      > I used to listen to books on tape/CD while cycling in Chicago.

      I WOULD imagine that using headphones while cycling is illegal in
      Chicago, but of course using a Bluetooth etc device in one ear while
      driving is not...

      > I stopped
      > because the street noise blared out too much of the material; sirens,
      > construction equipment, accelerating trucks, honking horns, L trains
      > passing overhead, etc.

      GOOD point.

      > I just listen to music now (when the weather is
      > warmer) where such interruptions aren't critical. I don't think I could
      > tolerate listening to music at the volume it would require to block out
      > Chicago's street noise.

      THERE is just too much noise in general.

      > As a matter of fact, I sort of consider my
      > headphones as personal safety equipment to protect my hearing. One time
      > a Chicago cop drove by me when I didn't have my headphones on and
      > sounded his buzzer (probably because I was riding outside the door
      > zone). It knocked out my hearing in my left ear for about 10 minutes and
      > my ears rang for about half an hour after that. When angry cagers honk
      > at me for taking a lane my headphones help muffle their loud, shrill
      > horns. I am less inclined to respond to their screaming at me to get off
      > the road, get on the sidewalk, etc. when I have headphones on too.

      I HAVE heard before on this list or elsewhere that emergency vehicles of
      all sorts have actually had to increase the volume of their sirens and
      things to compensate for automobiles being better insulated against
      external noise and also because air conditioning is standard equipment,
      so car windows are closed all the time. It might also be because drivers
      are doing so many other things in their cars.

      > I
      > always ride with a mirror so I know what's going on around me 360
      > degrees. Even with headphones I can still hear enough traffic noise to
      > not jeopardize my safety. I don't need to hear that traffic noise at
      > full volume.

      HOW about the safety of others? Okay, I don't want to dwell on the issue
      of cyclists saying they still hear enough with headphones on, but while
      cycling I hear lots of important things which are barely audible above
      the din, which tells me I should not wear headphones, even if I had

      So it seems the situation we have is one where everyone is passing the
      buck with their/of their habits, and it is going in a circle and we are
      all suffering.

      When there is almost no background noise EXTERNAL to my body, I hear a
      ringing caused in part by exposure to some very loud music and other
      sounds in the past. So even silence is not ideal.


      > --Bob Matter
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