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Re: [carfree_cities] BBC Series: The Noisy Ape

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  • Mike Morin
    Here is the introduction to a song that I wrote called Oil Junkies The introduction is set to the Bob Dylan tune, Watching the River Flow . The intro. goes
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2007
      Here is the introduction to a song that I wrote called "Oil Junkies"

      The introduction is set to the Bob Dylan tune, "Watching the River Flow".

      The intro. goes like this:

      What's the matter with me?
      I've got too much to say
      I'd be out there yelling at the top of my lungs
      and no one's listening anyway
      Think I'll go down by the highway, by the river, by the byway
      where the cars and trucks are rolling fast
      and say, "do you know how much noise you make
      and that we're running out of gas"?

      The rest of the song (an original tune) goes:

      because we're
      oil junkies, oil junkies
      waiting for our next oil change
      yes we're a thirty weight wonder
      (alternatively, a heavy weight blunder)
      slowly going under
      I think it's time we rearrange
      (alternatitively it's well past time we rearrange)

      (First verse):
      Well, the Arab man
      living on all that sand
      he's got us over a barrel
      and Exxon, Gulf, Shell and the rest
      of those monopolies over here in the west
      they've got us over a barrel

      (repeat chorus - with alternative lines)

      (second verse):

      well, you're driving here
      you're flying there
      you're shipping everything
      every which way and where
      you're ruining the soil, the water, and the air
      there's only so much oil left in the ground
      pretty soon there will be none around
      but we don't seem to even care

      (repeat chorus).

      I wrote that song more than thirty years ago (with some minor adjustments).
      I'd like to add a verse dealing with global warming.
      Any ideas?

      Workin' for peace and cooperation,

      Mike Morin

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      From: Todd Edelman
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      Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 12:23 PM
      Subject: [carfree_cities] BBC Series: The Noisy Ape

      BBC World Service has produced a four-part series called "The Noisy Ape":

      Excerpt from the introduction: "Mankind has spent the entire last
      century making itself louder. A great deal louder. But why? And what are
      the consequences? .... in the last century alone the lower threshold of
      human hearing has gone up by four decibels. This may not look much until
      you realise that this means a 66% deterioration in hearing quiet sounds!"


      The third part aired this week, but you can listen to all four at the

      Every show has a list of links below of groups or projects which are
      referred to in that part of the series. There is discussion of oil
      exploration killing whales and noisy stereos, and actually many of the
      anti-noise groups focus on these extreme things, rather that what other
      groups say is also very damaging, e.g. traffic sound levels promoting
      learning problems in school children. Indeed, the third programme refers
      to a new law which will come into effect in NYC in July 2007, which more
      strictly enforces noise violations from music, construction, car alarms
      (more than 10db in the day; 7db in the night) over the "ambient noise
      level". So, since the ambient level includes individual automobile
      traffic, it seems like the "elephant in the room" is being ignored... by
      some at least.

      Clearly there are some groups here which should join our efforts, come
      to our conferences, and so on, and I hope people have the chance to
      visit the various links and invite the people on-board...

      - T


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      Green Idea Factory

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