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Re: changes at Carfree.com

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  • carfreecrawford
    Mail to Carfree.com is definitely NOT working, so don t bother sending any for the moment. I m working on it...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2007
      Mail to Carfree.com is definitely NOT working, so
      don't bother sending any for the moment. I'm
      working on it...

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "carfreecrawford" <jhc@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Carfree.com is in the process of relocating to its own dedicated
      > server. The process starts tomorrow, 31 December 2006, and will take
      > about 48 hours. During this period, the site might not be accessible
      > and e-mail sent to me may not be received. If you receive no reply to
      > a message within 24 hours, please send it again.
      > Also please note that the spam settings on the new server will be very
      > tight, and some real mail might be thrown out. I cannot manage the
      > situation in any other way at this time. If you think your mail is not
      > reaching me, please send it again from another account.
      > This marks the first time that Carfree.com has been big enough to
      > warrant hosting on its own server and is thus something of a landmark.
      > Best wishes to all for a happy new year.
      > Regards,
      > J.H. Crawford
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