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Possible carfree area in south India

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  • Todd Edelman
    Traffic plan: http://www.auroville.org/thecity/planning_traffic.htm ... Subject: [sustran] Re: regarding thesis topic From: Lalit Kishor Bhati
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2006
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      Traffic plan:

      ---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
      Subject: [sustran] Re: regarding thesis topic
      From: "Lalit Kishor Bhati" <lalit@...>
      Date: Mon, December 25, 2006 5:34 am
      To: "Global 'South' Sustainable Transport"

      Hello all!

      Some of you might have heard of Auroville.


      About myself - I am an Architect-Urban Planner from Auroville. Auroville
      is a small growing "Sustainable Eco City in making" in South India. We
      have about 2000 people from over 40 countries living here. It is
      interesting to observe that with such a small population base what all
      inspiring, innovative sustainable development works have been done and is
      being done.

      It is a very inspiring model of holistic development. While, it is
      important to address problem and find creative solutions aiming at bigger
      cities as huge population resides there and huge resources are used/wasted
      there, I am of firm belief that, in long run and for true transformation
      and achieve effective sustainable development - change in the mindset and
      efforts towards 'Integrated planning and development' are the key.

      New role models can make much more positive contribution and inspire all
      and always have the potential of triggering and stimulating a new
      direction...and that is why we also believe "Auroville - The City the
      Earth Needs".

      Well, Auroville is aspiring to be a true holistic city and we are at the
      very first steps of development with some good work of 'healing the
      earth' - e.g. ecological restoration of this entire area.

      Auroville website provides quite comprehensive information about its all
      aspects and also on planning. For more specific information, please visit
      following web sites -

      Auroville General Web Site: http://www.auroville.org
      Auroville Township Planning Information: http://www.auroville.org\thecity.htm
      Auroville Township Master Plan Official Document:
      Planning Related studies (under Asia Urbs)

      So, it is a place intending to go for pedestrian and non motorized traffic
      options. We are not there as yet. Some seeds are there..

      If anyone wishes to work (and thesis etc) on those lines - let me know.
      Can't say anything else but if involved - a new range and direction of
      experiences is assured.

      Contact me for more information

      Much love and regards

      Happy Xmas and New Year to all

      Architect-Urban Planner

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      On 12/23/2006 at 5:24 PM anirudh singh bais wrote:
      I am a student of transport planning doing my P.G. from school of
      planning and architecture .I have to do my thesis next near starting
      Jan 2007 and want to do something new.I would appreciate fresh
      idea's .I want to do something practical and related to ongoing issues in
      pavement design and highways .
      Thanking You
      Anirudh Singh Bais

      SUSTRAN-DISCUSS is a forum devoted to discussion of people-centred,
      equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries
      (the 'Global South').


      Todd Edelman
      Green Idea Factory

      Korunn´┐Ż 72
      CZ-10100 Praha 10
      Czech Republic

      ++420 605 915 970
      Skype: toddedelman


      Green Idea Factory,
      a member of World Carfree Network

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