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  • Richard Risemberg
    Joel-- Sorry, I ve been exhausted, and replied to the list. Gina s gotten a very nice job in a horrible location and is driving 32 miles each way, getting up
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12 8:31 PM

      Sorry, I've been exhausted, and replied to the list. Gina's gotten a
      very nice job in a horrible location and is driving 32 miles each
      way, getting up at 4:30am to avoid traffic. The commute leaves her
      completely drained, and life is pretty dull. During the weekend she
      bicycles most places and livens up a little, but she's barely herself
      anymore. Hopes to bail out after a year or about 5 more months.

      I've started a small business making formal cut bicycle knickers of
      my own design, so people who want to engage in transportational
      bicycling will not feel that the only choice is to look like a geek
      or a slob. It has been an education as I have no previous experience
      in the rag trade. I do have experience in the Internet, and have
      actually gone into profit with pre-production orders. I have some
      other designs in mind--all oriented towards transportational cycling--
      and if it takes off as a business I might be able to devote more time
      to carfree activism.

      Meanwhile, my mother, who is physically healthy, is impaired enough
      in memory that she no longer leaves her property, and has come to
      believe that she has no bills because she is retired. I've hired
      someone to stay with her three days a week but am running her entire
      financial life. I assume you are returning to the US to take care of
      your folks, and I know the sort of thing that entails now. Yours
      appear to be mentally competent so that helps, but it's still time-

      Two friends of mine were recently injured on their bicycles, one by
      an intentional hit-and-run that the police refused to pursue despite
      the testimony of witnesses in a Jeep who had chased the culprit and
      gotten a license number and description; a concerted campaign of
      phone calls and letters by LA bike activists got the ball rolling.
      Another friend was hit-and-run by another bicyclist, and left with a
      broken arm and paltry insurance. Both women. And with the holiday
      frenzy upon us LA's already imbecilic drivers become downright

      Anyway, feel free to call or write to blow off steam or to ask for
      any help I might be able to render at a distance. And be strong.

      Richard Risemberg
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