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SUTP update: August - December 2006

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update August - December 2006 This newsletter gives updates on the SUTP activities, resources, website and
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      Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update

      August - December 2006

      This newsletter gives updates on the SUTP activities, resources, website and
      events related to our topic of interest. For more information or feedback,
      please contact sutp@... , or visit our website at www.sutp.org (or
      www.sutp.cn from China).

      Note: You have been sent this update because you’ve registered in the SUTP
      website and/or agreed to be part of the sutp yahoogroup
      sutp-asia@yahoogroups.com . Please follow instructions in the group website
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      *****Project related News*****

      (For greater detail of these news, please go to www.sutp.org. Users from
      China please visit www.sutp.cn)

      * BRT Planning Traning Course at BAQ 2006, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

      Date: December 11, 8:00- 16:00

      Venue: Mercure Phoenix 1, Mercure Hotel

      Organizer:GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project

      Based on the Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide document developed by Lloyd
      Wright for GTZ, the course will describe the key components of a BRT system
      and give basic tools for policymakers and technical staff of municipalities
      to start developing a successful and high-impact system in their cities. It
      will emphasize on the necessary steps to develop a Bus Rapid Transit system,
      comparing it with other mass transit options, and participants will be able
      to analyze their situation with the trainer in order to see how they could
      start planning for a system in their city. The main objective of this
      training course is to introduce participants to the features of BRT and how
      it can be applied in their city. In case a city would want to develop a full
      BRT system in the future, a more comprehensive course (4-5 days) would be
      developed with a specific municipality.


      * Public Awareness and Behaviour Change in Sustainable Transport – Training
      Course at BAQ, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

      Schedule: 12 Dec (Tue) 2006 / 8:00-16:00

      Venue: Mercure Museum Room, Mercure Hotel

      Organizer: GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project

      Based on the Public Awareness and Behavior Change training document
      developed by GTZ SUTP, the course will emphasize on how to develop
      comprehensive and effective strategies of behavior change in sustainable
      transport, which will complement an existent transport policy and further
      its potential in improving citizen’s awareness and habits while using one or
      another mode of transport. The training course will describe why public
      awareness is important in developing a complete transport strategy, and will
      focus on specific measures that can be later applied in each participant’s
      city. Participants will have the chance to develop a comprehensive public
      awareness and behavior change strategy, along with a proper communications
      scheme that will diffuse the strategy’s objectives and results. Strategies
      will be developed based on proposed budgets depending on each city’s
      possibilities, and all strategies will be evaluated and corrected throughout
      the training course.


      * Bus Rapid Transit planning training for Indonesian cities, Jakarta

      55 participants from 10 cities in Indonesia attended the training course on
      Bus Rapid Transit planning jointly organized by GTZ, ITDP, Ministry of
      Transport, PUSTRAL and MTI on December 7 and 8, 2006. The training was
      conducted by Mr. Ulises Navarro, and had inputs from Mr. Heru Sutomo from
      PUSTRAL and Mr. Carlos F. Pardo from GTZ-SUTP. More information on this
      training course will be available shortly at www.sutp.org .

      * GTZ-SUTP website for China

      Due to the great need of information on sustainable transport in Chinese,
      the GTZ-SUTP project has developed a website specifically for China
      accessible from www.sutp.cn . The content is both in Chinese and English,
      and the website has the same features as the original sutp.org website.
      Please visit www.sutp.cn and take a look!

      * GTZ-SUTP in China: 3 training courses and diffusion

      GTZ-SUTP delivered three training courses in Beijing in November, 2006. The
      first was on Bus Rapid Transit on 2-4 November, while a course on
      Sustainable Urban Transport was given to Chinese mayors on November 6. The
      third training course was a four day course on Sustainable Urban Transport
      given on November 7-10. This is the first exercise of a series of training
      courses to be delivered in China within the next years, initially organized
      with the cooperation of CUSTReC (BRT course) and Ministry of Transport,
      Tsinghua University and Southeast University (SUT course). Participants for
      all courses were between 30 and 50, from various cities all over China.
      These efforts will be combined with the SUMA program (in partnership with
      CAI Asia, WRI, ITDP, I-ce and UNCRD) which will be launched early 2007, and
      will have a strong capacity building component led by GTZ-SUTP, which will
      address Asian nationals who are willing to become trainers on sustainable
      urban transport topics or those willing to implement specific project on
      this topic.


      * Training course on Bus Rapid Transit in Mexico

      The GTZ SUTP project developed a training course on Bus Rapid Transit in
      Querétaro, Mexíco On October 19-21, 2006. The main trainer for the course
      was Dr Darío Hidalgo, former Deputy Manager of TransMilenio in Bogotá. The
      3-day training course had 47 participants, mainly from Mexican cities.


      * Three training courses in Sao Paulo

      During and after the CAI LAC conference in Sao Paulo (24-27 July, 2006), the
      GTZ SUTP project developed three training courses on Public Awareness, Bus
      Rapid Transit and Non motorised transport in Sao Paulo during July 24-
      August 3, 2006. The Public awareness (July 24) course was developed by
      Carlos F. Pardo and had assistants from different cities in Brazil, and some
      other Latin American cities. The course on Bus Rapid Transit (July 28) was
      developed by Mr Lloyd Wright and had participants from cities in Brazil and
      other cities in LAC. The 4-day non motorised transport training course (July
      30- August 3) was directed specifically to Brazilian cities and was
      coorganized by GTZ, I-ce, ITDP, Ministry of Cities in Brazil and the
      Municipality of Guarulhos. The latter had 50 participants and 4 trainers
      from all cooperating institutions.


      ***** CURRENT AND UPCOMING EVENTS (organized by continent, starting date).

      * Events in Latin America

      Events: 1

      05.02.2007 UITP - 5th International Bus Conference


      26.2.2007 ANDINATRAFFIC 2007: 2nd International Exhibition for
      Transport and Traffic Technologies


      * Events in Asia

      Events: 8

      29.11.2006 2nd annual Asian Infrastructure Congress


      02.12.2006 International colloquium in Shanghai


      09.12.2006 11th Intl. Conf. of Hong Kong Society for Transport


      13.12.2006 Better Air Quality Workshop, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)


      * Events in Europe

      Events: 3

      09.05.2007 NECTAR Conference Porto , FEUP


      12.06.2007 Velo-city 2007 in Munich


      25.06.2007 ENHR Sustainable Urban Areas Conference


      * Events in North America

      Events: 1

      21.01.2007 Transportation Research Board (TRB) 86th Annual Meeting


      Please check our website for constant updates of all this information.
      Further information is also available when emailing sutp@... .

      GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP)

      Room 0942, Transport Division, UN-ESCAP ESCAP UN Building Rajadamnern Nok

      Bangkok 10200, Thailand

      Tel: +66 (0) 2 - 288 2576

      Fax: +66 (0) 2 - 280 6042

      Mobile: +66 (0) 1 - 772 4727

      e-mail: sutp@...

      Website: www.sutp.org

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