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FW: Planetizen Press Advisory - Radar

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  • Simon Baddeley
    X-post. This from a colleague might be of interest to Carfree Cities. Simon ... From: Mike Beazley Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:00:32
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      X-post. This from a colleague might be of interest to Carfree Cities.


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      Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:00:32 +0100
      Conversation: Planetizen Press Advisory - Radar
      Subject: FW: Planetizen Press Advisory - Radar

      Dear All
      A potentially useful source to keep up to date on US planning and
      development issues
      Best Wishes

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      Subject: Planetizen Press Advisory - Radar



      Planetizen's new web news catcher provides up-to-the-minute
      updates urban planning, design, and development issues.

      August 30, 2006 -- Planetizen, the leading news and
      information website for the urban planning and development
      community, launched a new version of its web-based news
      aggregator called Radar.

      Radar automatically collects news and information from
      selected syndicating sources, including popular blogs and
      influential websites, and categorizes them for easy browsing
      and searching. The archive of stories, which is updated
      around the clock, provides a snapshot of the hot topics being
      discussed on the web - allowing visitors to see what other
      readers think is important or interesting.

      "We wanted a tool that made it easy to find and search
      through all the planning, design, and development related
      news and opinions on the Web" said Abhijeet Chavan, one of
      the co-founders of Planetizen.

      Radar's tag links, which provide visual cues to users about
      the popularity of a particular topic or category, are one of
      the useful features of the new version of the site.

      "If there are a lot of recent posts about historic
      preservation in Columbus, Ohio, Radar will highlight links
      to those categories" remarked Chavan.

      For users that are looking for more specific information,
      Radar also allows users to filter stories by source - be it
      from a blog, a traditional media site, or an academic or
      non-profit organization. The archive of stories is also fully
      searchable by geography, topic, or keyword. Radar is updated
      every 15 minutes.

      You can see Radar in action by visiting

      Christian Peralta, Managing Editor
      Planetizen: The Urban Planning and Development Network

      Planetizen (plan-NET'-a-zen) is a public-interest information
      exchange provided for the urban planning, design, and
      development community. It is a one-stop source for urban
      planning news, commentary, announcements, book reviews, jobs,
      events, and more.

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