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9991Refugees taught how to use and design American roads

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  • Todd Edelman
    Jul 31, 2006
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      Culture shock

      One of the major challenges for organisers is to change the way the
      refugees think about cars. Many of the new arrivals suffered from lack of
      access - which they blamed on a lack of mobility - and came from places
      where cars were scarce.

      "I have been here just a few months and its very disorientating... How
      will I shop for dates to break my Ramadan fasting? And, where do I get
      halal goat meat?"

      Some want to make up for a lifetime in which they were denied cars. Others
      gravitate towards hybrid cars, believing they are a great source of

      Adapted from:



      :-) So... any thoughts on how to adapt this programme?

      - T


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