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9936A pro-sprawl screed

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  • howardgoodell
    May 31, 2006
      Hi --

      My son (Masters in Public Policy last weekend I'll have you know)
      forwarded me this pro-sprawl screed:
      Its major claim is that anti-sprawl legislation interferes with the
      majority's "pursuit of happiness" to live in the ways they choose.

      My major critique is that many people who drive an hour or more from
      their suburban homes to work each day would *choose* denser and closer
      settings if they could. It is the perverse incentives created by
      institutional features such as deciding zoning and housing
      restrictions locally that drive much of sprawl. Local residents profit
      by keeping out all but the richest prospective neighbors, creating
      what this engineer calls "local optimization" -- the optimum benefit
      for the current residents, but tremendously bad for the metropolitan
      area as a whole.

      I'm sure people on the list who care to read it will think of others.

      Take care!
      Howie Goodell
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