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9889Re: [carfree_cities] Fuel from coal

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  • Todd Edelman
    May 14, 2006
      >> Richard Risemberg wrote:
      > True, but bear in mind that coal gasification system were routine in
      > most cities before "natural gas" became prevalent. Natural gas is
      > called that to distinguish it from the previous coal gas, so this
      > particular synthesizing technology has a history stretching back
      > before the oil era.

      I REALIZE that - and on the "way up" of the oil era Hitler had the need to
      make synthetic fuels, too - BUT the difference now is we have you and me,
      Joel, and several billion other people to make a point about emissions
      which wasnt made "pre-oil".


      > Internalizing costs is hugely important--and the "full-cost
      > accounting" folks are natural allies for us--but unless we can sell
      > civil cities, carfree cities, on their personal benefits, most people
      > will grumble about putting money into alternatives no matter how much
      > fuel costs them personally.

      WELL, I am really getting into this "raise fuel taxes, lower income taxes"
      thing. It should not be oversimplified but in a way it will seems like
      magic for many people who dont drive at all and perhaps even so for people
      who do, as their overall tax rate stays the same. I also want to stop
      calling it "alternative" but instead, Conservative, Democratic and
      Christian, to name a few examples. Arent those terms accurate?
      > They'll certainly ask for more money to be put into fuel tech than
      > into metros and trams in the next fewf years, I'll bet.

      THE good research and pilot projects can be done with public transport,
      too. Ideally, the efficiency/energy return and environmental acceptability
      of the "new" fuels will be decent for PT but... sorry!... not quite good
      enough for individually operated cars. I realise this might be quite naive
      but I am not surrendering just yet.



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