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9800Pakistan to move quake-hit city (lets see if they want it CARFREE!)

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  • Todd Edelman
    Apr 2, 2006
      Pakistan to move quake-hit city

      Pakistan is to rebuild the city of Balakot in a completely new location
      after it was razed by last year's Kashmir earthquake.

      The city, home to 300,000 people before the quake, will be rebuilt in a
      safer location to modern design standards. Mr Rashid said the decision to
      move Balakot "will help improve the quality of life of the survivors and
      raise hopes for a better future".

      Mr Musharraf told the meeting that rebuilding would have to include
      sturdily-built, quake-proof homes to minimise the risk of a repeat


      - T

      p.s. Another opportunity, yes? What can we do to make a carfree "New
      Balakot" happen? First of all, will the residents be interested? Building
      high-density will be much easier and cheaper... well, we know the reasons.
      If we get some positive signals who is willing to be on a committee, etc?


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