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971RE: [carfree_cities] News

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Jul 1, 2000
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      Louis-Luc Le Guerrier wrote:
      >The Champlain bridge, the most car-crowded bridge in Canada, is getting a
      >companion. The AMT (Metropolitan Transport Agency) is funding a special
      >middle space between the 2 directions, reserved for more buses, and I heard
      >that space will eventually be used for light rail. That's about time!

      >I'm not totally sure, so Ronald, you may correct me or give more details if

      Oh, for what I've heard is that the possible routing for a Montreal to South
      Shore LRT would be use of the neighbouring Ice Bridge (Estacade du Pont
      Champlain), but things might have changed.
      Right now on the Champlain Bridge there are the time of day bus lanes, could
      these be changing to all day bus lanes? http://www.amt.qc.ca/ Dawson
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