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9671Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Privacy (was: Efficiency and the automobile)

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  • Todd Edelman
    Mar 7, 2006
      Matt wrote:

      ...I hate needing so many browsers...

      T: I wonder if future energy shortages will make manufacturers create a
      more standardised system and platform. The "PCC streetcar" of


      ....almost reminds me of people who collect cars...

      T: Lots of cyclists in the USA especially have several bikes, too and not
      just for sport. In the Netherlands it is very common for one person to
      have two bikes (one is for city and one for home town; both are locked in
      front of train stations - this is easier if you only need two one-speed
      bikes). Of course it takes 5 or 6 people who use this system to take up
      the space of one parked car, but Dutch are trying to reduce need for so
      many bikes with things like <http://www.ov-fiets.nl/engels/index.html>.


      .... I have a feeling that a modern carfree city will have a significant
      > niche market for the rental of electric walk-behind trucks...

      T: Forget "niche market", brother: Think "huge market for standardised
      walk behind trucks". Buy the stock now and give me a percentage later.

      > In any case, since families won't have $40,000 of debt in their
      > garages, they'll easily be able to afford very high quality hand
      > trucks for day-to-day needs with moving equipment. :-)

      T: Hmmm.. what will be the "Mercedes of hand trucks"? Other likelihood is
      that teenagers and other not yet skilled people will be hired to to
      delivery again. I think there is a huge possibility for
      ultracapacitor-powered robot-handtrucks, too, using GPS, Galileo: You just
      speak your address into it (e.g. "1000 Pennsylvania Carfree Avenue*,
      please"), and it goes there at walking speed, and teenagers etc are
      dispatched to take stuff into building. This leaves you free time to help
      all cities have systems like this.

      * Address of White House in USA


      Todd Edelman
      International Coordinator
      On the Train Towards the Future! -
      "Sustainable, complementary, appropriate mobility in & in-between carfree

      Green Idea Factory
      Laubova 5
      CZ-13000 Praha 3

      ++420 605 915 970


      Green Idea Factory,
      a proud member of World Carfree Network
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