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9669Re: Privacy (was: Efficiency and the automobile)

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Mar 7, 2006
      I apologize for the long lines. After a quick check, I found that
      Firefox for Mac OS X uses Courier for its text entry boxes, making the
      lines shorter in terms of the number of characters. Safari uses a
      proportional font, thus allowing >80 characters to be squeezed on a line.

      I hate needing so many browsers. There are sites that work best in
      Safari for Mac, Firefox for Mac, Firefox for Windows, AND IE for
      Windows. So I really can't standardize on one true browser, despite my
      love of Safari. :-(

      Now for the tie-in: almost reminds me of people who collect cars, and
      I don't mean for display. Sedan for driving to work, SUV for shopping,
      and sports car for going out.

      I live three blocks from a Budget rental station, and I go there every
      once in a while if I'm hauling a huge load and actually need the space
      offered by a van. When my car gives up the ghost, I'm seriously
      considering paring us down to only my wife's car. We're seldom out at
      the same time, and for the occasional need for a car, I can run down
      the street and rent a car. Even if I rent a car twice a month and
      spend $100 renting cars, it'll be far cheaper than owning a second car.

      I have a feeling that a modern carfree city will have a significant
      niche market for the rental of electric walk-behind trucks, either
      just the truck or the truck with an operator.

      In any case, since families won't have $40,000 of debt in their
      garages, they'll easily be able to afford very high quality hand
      trucks for day-to-day needs with moving equipment. :-)

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@...>
      > Hi Matt,
      > Good post. Can you shorten your lines by about 40% so the wrap nicely?
      > Around 80 characters?
      > Thanks,
      > Joel
      > >I have to give that a big, fat "no". I'm huge on privacy and love how
      > >cash lets me buy
      > >products in relative anonymity in an era of data mining. My classic
      > >example is that a
      > >relative gives you money to buy them cigarettes, you buy them with
      > >your debit card, and
      > >you soon get letters stating that your health insurance and home fire
      > >insurance rates are
      > >going up. I don't smoke and hate smoking, but you get the point.
      > >
      > >Among other reasons, that's one of my reasons to appreciate rail
      > >transportation:
      > >anonymity. My wife and I recently went to southern NJ: our Delta
      > >flight from Tallahassee to
      > >Philadelphia required photo ID and tickets in our names. But the NJT
      > >bus route winding
      > >through the small towns in south Jersey? I bought those tickets with
      > >cash and no ID. Thus,
      > >there exists no record that we ever made that trip--and that's the way
      > >I want it.
      > >
      > >When I was in Madrid in 1999, I bought a round-trip high-speed rail
      > >ticket to Sevilla with
      > >cash. Again, no record that I ever made that trip--just record that
      > >the trip was made by
      > >someone. Haven't been to Europe since 9/11, though, so I'm not sure if
      > >they require ID for
      > >inter-city today.
      > >
      > >Joel's reference carfree city would have no metro fare gates--it would
      > >be a public service,
      > >just like streets and streetlights. That also means that there will
      > >exist no record of your
      > >travel through a carfree city. Granted, the metro authority will
      > >probably track usage
      > >numbers to fine-tune service intervals and train lengths, but that's
      > >not a privacy concern.
      > >
      > >In an auto-centric city, you drive around with an ID number attached
      > >to your rear end
      > >(license plate). Anyone who sees your car can write down the license
      > >plate number and
      > >find out a good bit about you. Carfree city? Forget it--you'd have to
      > >take pictures and
      > >match up the faces with ID cards. A bit harder than looking up license
      > >plate numbers,
      > >especially since electronic facial recognition seems to be far from
      > >
      > >I don't like being tracked. Rant over. :-)
      > >
      > >> >(How is cash delivered to ATMs in Venice?)
      > >>
      > >> Use electron-based transactions (debit cards, etc) instead. All
      money is is
      > >> information. No need for heavy and burdonsome exteranl symbols
      like cash and
      > >> coin.
      > >> Or the neo-ludites can barter.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >Yahoo! Groups Links
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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