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9663Re: [carfree_cities] Privacy (was: Efficiency and the automobile)

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Mar 7, 2006
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      Hi Matt,

      Good post. Can you shorten your lines by about 40% so the wrap nicely?
      Around 80 characters?



      >I have to give that a big, fat "no". I'm huge on privacy and love how
      >cash lets me buy
      >products in relative anonymity in an era of data mining. My classic
      >example is that a
      >relative gives you money to buy them cigarettes, you buy them with
      >your debit card, and
      >you soon get letters stating that your health insurance and home fire
      >insurance rates are
      >going up. I don't smoke and hate smoking, but you get the point.
      >Among other reasons, that's one of my reasons to appreciate rail
      >anonymity. My wife and I recently went to southern NJ: our Delta
      >flight from Tallahassee to
      >Philadelphia required photo ID and tickets in our names. But the NJT
      >bus route winding
      >through the small towns in south Jersey? I bought those tickets with
      >cash and no ID. Thus,
      >there exists no record that we ever made that trip--and that's the way
      >I want it.
      >When I was in Madrid in 1999, I bought a round-trip high-speed rail
      >ticket to Sevilla with
      >cash. Again, no record that I ever made that trip--just record that
      >the trip was made by
      >someone. Haven't been to Europe since 9/11, though, so I'm not sure if
      >they require ID for
      >inter-city today.
      >Joel's reference carfree city would have no metro fare gates--it would
      >be a public service,
      >just like streets and streetlights. That also means that there will
      >exist no record of your
      >travel through a carfree city. Granted, the metro authority will
      >probably track usage
      >numbers to fine-tune service intervals and train lengths, but that's
      >not a privacy concern.
      >In an auto-centric city, you drive around with an ID number attached
      >to your rear end
      >(license plate). Anyone who sees your car can write down the license
      >plate number and
      >find out a good bit about you. Carfree city? Forget it--you'd have to
      >take pictures and
      >match up the faces with ID cards. A bit harder than looking up license
      >plate numbers,
      >especially since electronic facial recognition seems to be far from mature.
      >I don't like being tracked. Rant over. :-)
      >> >(How is cash delivered to ATMs in Venice?)
      >> Use electron-based transactions (debit cards, etc) instead. All money is is
      >> information. No need for heavy and burdonsome exteranl symbols like cash and
      >> coin.
      >> Or the neo-ludites can barter.
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