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9655Re: Efficiency and the automobile

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Mar 5, 2006
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      Here's an interesting policy idea for a carfree city: allow electric vehicles on the condition that
      they are being escorted by a pedestrian. This is seen today in large home-improvement
      stores, where an employee walks in front of an oncoming forklift to clear the area. I can't
      imagine a escorted forklift moving 3 mph being a danger. This would also allow for walk-
      behind trucks carrying heavy or large shipments.

      Since the streets in a carfree city would be wider than the sidewalks we're used to, we'd
      actually be more flexible with deliveries. If a family is moving and a 20*8 foot trailer is
      parked on the edge 30' wide street for a whole day, there's still plenty of space for the
      pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Ideally, this should be arranged in advance with whatever
      authority is in charge of the streets, so they can cone-off an area in advance.

      > >What would the restrictions be on walk-behind electric trucks in a
      > >carfree city? I'm
      > >primarily thinking of electric pallet trucks for moving extremely
      > >shipping pallets at 3 mph.
      > It would be nearly impossible to get along without
      > these, or something very similar.
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