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9650Re: Efficiency and the automobile

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Mar 4, 2006
      I like the idea of an e-stop button. Same idea as e-stop buttons in gas stations and shop
      rooms--allow someone to hit a mushroom button to stop a dangerous situation. It would
      allow for hijacking, but on the other hand, a lack of e-stop buttons would not stop a
      determined hijacker.

      However, I suspect that vehicle hijacking would not be a problem in Joel's reference city,
      since there would be eyes on the street--you could safely walk around at 0400 if you
      wanted. As for armored cash deliveries, there's metro-freight, and seeing that armored
      trucks typically aren't robbed while waiting a few minutes at a red light or in heavy traffic, I
      doubt that an [electric] armored truck would be vulnerable moving down a carfree street at
      3 mph. (How is cash delivered to ATMs in Venice?)

      What would the restrictions be on walk-behind electric trucks in a carfree city? I'm
      primarily thinking of electric pallet trucks for moving extremely shipping pallets at 3 mph.

      > Zermatt is carfree, but it does have some electric taxis
      > that largely fill the requirements I have proposed. Their
      > drivers, however, are still aggressive enough to be
      > dangerous and annoying. One solution is to put an e-stop
      > switch on all corners of the vehicle. Anyone in the street
      > can slap it, bringing the taxi to an abrupt halt until
      > the driver gets out, gets told off by the annoyed pedestrian,
      > pulls out the e-stop switch, and drives on. It MIGHT work.
      > Then again, taxi drivers are taxi drivers--about half of
      > them are bastards, the world around.
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