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  • Doug Salzmann
    Jul 1 12:53 PM
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      T.J. wrote:

      > 'Soaring Gas Prices' are here... hooray!

      Hooray, indeed.

      Auto fuel is, of course, not the only energy product for which prices are
      soaring. Here's an MSNBC story that reminds us that "Pain goes beyond the
      gas pump."


      In fact, cheap oil energy is a major component of virtually every element of
      modern life, from food to clothing, to heating and air conditioning. In a
      world with six billion (and counting) humans and rapidly developing
      permanent energy shortages, a great many things are about to change. It is
      likely that wealthy nations in the developed world will need to reduce
      energy consumption by rather large per-capita percentages..

      Seen in that light, the natural efficiencies of compact, mixed-use carfree
      cities (where much transportation is fueled by the same veggies that power
      the local human biocumputers, and products and services are produced near
      the places they are used), will be especially critical.

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