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9585Re: [carfree_cities] Re: permanent energy crisis

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Feb 18, 2006
      >Exactly right. There is not nearly enough fissionable uranium available
      >in the Earth's crust to power a world of 6.5-billion-and-growing humans
      >out of our energy shortage.
      >Of course, fast-breeder reactors could produce an unlimited supply of
      >fuel, along with an unlimited supply of that Pu element. Imagine hundreds
      >or thousands of such facilities tucked away in every corner of the world,
      >including, oh, say, Liberia.

      Well, except that the amount of U238 is also limited,
      although there is a LOT more of it than U235. Even with
      unrestricted breeding, we still run out of Uranium in
      a century or so, presuming that people look on this as
      one more inexhaustible resource, i.e., just the way we
      have treated every other energy source we have stumbled
      upon. Supposedly, the GNER proposal keep the Pu out of
      the hands of terrorists, but there would be an awful lot
      of it slinging around in the world, and it isn't all
      that difficult to separate it from used fuel rods, esp.
      if you have a plentiful supply of suicide volunteers
      willing to do the work and die of radiation sickness
      a few days later.

      Why, oh why, can't we ever seem to talk about doing more
      with less? It's just not all that difficult. Must be bad
      for friends of Bush.

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