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9565Re: "America is addicted to oil"

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  • Greg Steele
    Feb 8, 2006
      The source of Bush's comment, I believe, comes from Set America Free
      (http://www.setamericafree.org/). I encountered this group last
      summer. At first glance they seem to be saying the right things,
      however, their "solution" is that new technology will permit happy
      motoring into the future. You can read about my encounter at
      http://walkbike.org/_wsn/page2.html - see heading "Checkmate!" This
      group has been courting the Republican Party, so it follows that their
      ideas made there way into the President's speech.

      My apologies for not being active in this group as of late, or
      updating my blog – walkbike, but I am now employed by Amtrak. In the
      spirit of doing more with less I have been taking work home and
      focusing on my job. My thanks to everyone on this group for promoting
      rail in the US.
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