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9549re: "America is addicted to oil"

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  • On the Train Towards the Future!
    Jan 31, 2006
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      Hi everyone, especially in the USA,

      Dont let your friends and colleagues whom you think are perhaps "sitting on the fence" a bit about carfree issues give Bush any slack in regards to him saying "oil addiction"!

      Ask them:

      * If he wants to end the addiction or simply replace the drug
      * What he is doing fundmentally to change energy use now
      * If they want their tax dollars spent on nuclear research
      * If they really believe in "clean coal"
      * If they think that a car powered by something other than oil changes:
      - Social isolation and worse of automobile-dependent neighborhoods?
      - Road noise caused by airflow and tire noise?
      - Enabling of obesity?
      - 1.2 million dead per year?
      - In category "The global parking lot":
      -- If it improves ability of real children to play in real streets?
      -- If it changes huge amount of space needed for automobile movement and parking?

      Remind them:

      * That his friends are in the "energy industry", not simply the "oil industry", and they are happy to keep us addicted.

      PLEASE advance this discussion.

      - T


      Todd Edelman
      International Coordinator
      On the Train Towards the Future!

      Green Idea Factory
      Laubova 5
      CZ-13000 Praha 3

      ++420 605 915 970


      Green Idea Factory,
      a member of World Carfree Network
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